A bit of an update I will try to keep it brief.

I decided to transfer my story from Open Office to Google Documents. I added a chapter in the beginning and plan to do some serious editing to try and weed out some inconsistencies and as much of the grammatical errors as I can on my own. If anyone would like to help me with editing let me know, keep in mind it would require reading a story with both horror and sex. I haven’t got the whole document up yet so it will be a while before it is ready for that! On the bus I am continuing to write new parts but I just haven’t transferred it from my E-Reader yet. My goal is to write a 200 pages so it would be a basic novel. I don’t have any plans for the novel, this is more of a learning experience for me.  Also I need to change Dak’kon’s name because it is borrowed from a video game and I probably can’t do that given that I have never seen it anywhere else. So if anyone has a suggestion. His last name is Sagara and he is of Japanese and Eastern European decent but born in a fictional city kind of New York really but since I don’t know enough about New York it is fictional.

On another note

I mentioned at some point that I was going to make HIIT videos and that I had written a 30 day HIIT challenge. Well I haven’t done it at all. It is just won’t work using my laptop webcam so I have set up my camera instead. I have decided that before I do those videos I am going to make a 7 day HIIT series for my daughter. The videos will be between 10-15 minutes and based on her age (9) and fitness level. I wanted to do this for her because she really has trouble in gym class and she asks me sometimes to find her videos she can do online. I found her some really great child friendly yoga videos but she is very sedentary and needs a bit more cardio/coordination work. I could not find HIIT for kids so I thought I would make it. I have already written up the programs and I am pleased with them. When I told her what I was doing she was very excited. So here is hoping I can figure out this camera thing and get over my intense camera fear.


2 responses to “Update

  1. You can contact me via email I am glad to help in anyway 🙂 your work is motivating. I am thinking about doing a similar project. I just need to start!

    • Thank you so much! I will contact you once I get everything up in Google Documents it could take a while because I am quite busy this week. You should absolutely go for it! I do most of my writing on the bus these days haha

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