Part #13

(Graphic, gay sex scene below. A huge portion of this is just strait up sex. I am not an expert. I am not a man, I am not a man whose had sex with other men. So this is just, fantasy. )

Nikolai woke up first feeling better than he’d felt in months. A weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He remembered everything up till the point where he’d laid down in the spare bedroom. He couldn’t account for how he’d gotten here though. Had Dak’kon carried him? The last object he’d cleansed had been inhabited by a malignant spirit, that coupled with the months he’d spent in constant war with the demonic energy had drained him like a bath.

His heart began to race when he realized Dak’kon was not beside him. He found the man easily but what he found caused his stomach to drop. Melancholia rose in black filaments from the musician’s skin. Kneeling down in front of Dak’kon he put a hand to the other’s forehead, he was burning up. Nikolai dragged the unconscious man across the floor and heaved him up onto the mattress. “What have you done to yourself?” Nikolai laid a hand over the musician’s heart, the other’s pulse was slow but steady. Before he could do anything Dak’kon reached up and grabbed him by the wrist. The grip was surprisingly firm for someone who’d just been unconscious but it was clearly not designed to hurt him. “Don’t even think about taking this thing out of me. I won’t let you reinfect yourself.” His voice was threatening, though that threat came from a place of genuine concern.

“I don’t think I can remove it, yet. I am going to heal you though even if I have to pin you down.” Dak’kon let his hand fall away.

“Fine just don’t make a fuss about it.” The musician had never really been sick, never broken anything, never been doted over by anyone. He wasn’t a very good patient but at that moment he was in no position to argue.

“You are probably going to have a problem with this then.” Nikolai stated straddling his hips. The red head sat down right on top of his ailing cock. His jeans were unbearable, like a tourniquet, and the friction of the man shifting subtly against the seam made him feel raw and vulnerable. He gritted his teeth in order to stifle back a moan.

The Aasimer’s energy poured into him before he could even form a coherent objection. His muscles relaxed, his head cleared like the parting of clouds after a storm, his temperature dropped slowly on its way to normal. The only thing that did not soften was his cock. He felt good enough to move around, good enough to resolve his predicament. “That’s amazing…” He mumbled clenching and unclenching his fist just to test his strength. He was horny as hell but he was himself more or less.

“Do you really want to masturbate?” Nikolai asked laying down on top of the dark-haired musician. “No…” Dak’kon said pulling the Aasimer down to him. Closing his mouth over Nikolais’, his tongue slipped between the man’s parting lips. The kiss was devouring, unconstrained, and just shy of bruising. Rolling Nikolai underneath him he broke the kiss only so long as it took to toss their shirts off to the side. He seemed intent to draw every last breath from the Celestial, to siphon that breath into his own starved lungs. Their bodies ground together, hips thrusting urgently, erections forced together in a collision of heat and friction. His strangled sex wept and throbbed. Nikolai’s thighs wrapped around him pinning him down forcing them into a frenzied dry hump. He broke the kiss only to latch onto the other man’s neck. Consuming opened-mouthed kisses against the Aasimer’s pale throat and beneath his lips insistence the worried flesh grew red.

Nikolai’s fingers dug into his shoulders, they struggled within each other’s grasp, struggled for dominance, struggled to stop from drowning.

“I have to get out of these pants…damn it…” Dak’kon growled into the red head’s ear. Nikolai unwound his legs reaching between them he made quick work of the fastenings on their jeans. Stripping desperately out of their unwanted clothing they soon closed the gap between them, flesh on flesh.

“I thought you were kidding before Christ man…” Nikolai spoke against his lips before kissing him roughly once more. Dak’kon’s hands slid over the man’s hips and ass. Squeezing the other’s firm, shapely backside he forced their hips together once more. Only this time he could feel the heat and the smooth texture of the man’s cock as it slid against his own. Before the musician realized it he was beneath the Aasimer again.

Nikolai broke the kiss, panting, his kisses traveled lower along the curve of Dak’kon’s neck across his collarbones, down to the man’s broad, smooth chest. He fastened onto the guitarist’s nipple, sucking and flicking until the color deepened and the flesh grew engorged. Then he moved over to the other nipple plying it with a skilled and relentless tongue, meanwhile, his hand slipped between their hips and wrapped around the crown of the musician’s cock. He ran his slightly callused thumb over the head of the dark-haired man’s sex, smearing the moisture gathering at the slit with each pass. The Aasimer’s touch came with a shock of endophin-laden energy, the golden light spilled into Dak’kon’s urethra, into his balls, and back into his prostate, flooding his nerves with a tingly rush. Dak’kon’s hips arched off the bed, pressing into the torment. “You’re cheating…” The musician growled so low it was more vibration than sound. It wouldn’t have taken much for Dak’kon to get off given the need that the sex fiend had planted within him but he was much too greedy for instant gratification and much too generous. He never left his partners unfulfilled.

Rolling Nikolai underneath him again he kissed the Celestial hotly on the mouth. Reaching between their bodies he took the other’s shaft in his hand and began to stroke, slowly at first, with intervals between to massage the sensitive glans. The red head was as excited as he was, overflowing with equal measures of anticipation. Slick from its own juices, Dak’kon’s hand glided up and down the length of the organ fluidly. Not to be outdone Nikolai resumed his former occupation, his hand deftly working the musician’s shaft, sending vibrations along the urethra with his prana, vibrations that settled into the bundle of nerves behind the musician’s scrotum. Dak’kon gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, eyes nearly rolling back, totally overwhelmed he nearly forgot his own ministrations. He felt drunk with the sensations, drunk with a sense of bliss and power. His whole body shuddered, his breathing quickened, and he nearly submitted to the Aasimer’s whims. Dak’kon pinched and coaxed until his fingers were wet with the other man’s essence. His hand ventured lower, slick digits sliding from perineum to anus. Nikolai inhaled deeply.

“What makes you think I am a bottom?” The red head asked his voice rough with need. Dak’kon didn’t stop but continued to work the outer ring till it became soft and pliant.

“Your body.” Dak’kon said working first one finger into the tight orifice and then another. Stretching, massaging, plunging deeper until his guitar-callused fingers hit upon that precise spot. Nikolai rocked into the intrusion, gasping and moaning as his nerves ignited all at once. He worked a third finger in, expertly manipulating the sphincter, urging the muscles to surrender. Three fingers weren’t even close to approximating the size of his cock and they had no artificial lubricant, he would have to improvise.

Dak’kon slid down Nikolai’s body, dropping searing open-mouthed kisses as he went, until his face was between the other’s splayed thighs. Wrapping his left hand around the base of the gardener’s sex for support his lips parted against the other’s erection, taking the head into his mouth. He lapped up the fluid gathered at the slit, probing and prodding the organ to relinquish more. The man did not taste as he expected (an aspect of his heritage perhaps) the other’s precum was remarkably mild with a subtle hint of strawberry. Moaning around the turgid heat encased in his mouth Dak’kon began to work up and down. Nikolai’s hands slid into his hair gripping so that it tugged pleasurably at the nape of his neck. The gardener’s hips inclined toward him, back arching gracefully off the mattress. The red head’s moans were low and primal, encouragements and exclamations growing incoherent with speed. Dak’kon had never done this before but he’d been received enough blowjobs to know what he liked, more importantly he was observant. He’d maneuvered his way about half-way down, sliding up he flicked over the tip with his tongue, sunk down further and slid back up rolling the feverish crown around his tongue. Then instead of engulfing Nikolai again he drug his tongue along the underside of the Aasimer’s sex several times. All the while his fingers were wreaking havoc on the man’s prostrate. Reingesting Nikolai’s shaft he was soon working all the way from base to head like a pro. Nikolai thrashed in the sheets, Dak’kon’s name the only recognizable word among incoherent cries.

Nikolai’s cock pulsed and twitched, he deep throated the man a few more times before letting the other’s arousal slide from his mouth. He didn’t abandon the swollen, desperate organ but rather began working it in earnest with his hand. Sliding back up Nikolai’s body, the red head latched onto his neck, kissing, sucking, licking the blossoming flesh. The musician groaned tilting his head to allow for more of those feverish kisses. His neck was a trigger point and he felt his mind go hazy.

Dak’kon rewrapped his fingers this time taking both of their erections into the same crushing grip. Though his fingers were long he couldn’t encompass them both, Nikolai wrapped his hand around the exposed section and they began stroking in tandem, brutally forcing the already tortured organs together. It was unbearable and both men were close to breaking.

Nikolai’s free arm was wrapped tight around Dak’kon’s back, hips pounding into their joined fists. Dak’kon slid in a fourth finger, at first working them together but then slowly spreading them. Thrusting into the tight muscular ring in an almost semi-circular motion, until he’d worked the hand nearly half-way in. Nikolai was gasping, barely able to breath, driving first forward into the red head’s hand then back against the intrusion. “Cum.” Dak’kon growled into the man’s ear, it wasn’t a request but a demand and one that if he wasn’t careful he might also follow.

Nikolai drove forward harder, faster, until his cock was shuddering almost violently within the enclosure of their hands. The red head’s strong fingers dug into the muscles of his back, his moans distorted and muffled in the juncture between Dak’kon’s shoulder and neck. Their fluids mingled, hands and organs slick, stroking punctuated by the Aasmir’s chi. The red head’s body sucked him in, tremulous against his fingers, he wished it was his cock being milked instead.

With a violent arch Nikolai came all over them both. A hot, white jet, liberally dispensed over their chests, stomachs, and fists. Dak’kon squeezed every last drop, pausing at the height of convulsions, he didn’t let up until he was sure the man was utterly spent. Coating his own cock in the Aasimer’s release he removed his hand and lined his erection up with the other’s well-worked entrance. Sliding his hands under the garderner’s thighs he pressed Nikolai’s legs up and back. He rubbed the head of his ejaculate-slick sex against the other’s twitching entrance. There was no way to completely avoid discomfort given his size but Nikolai was more than needy with desire.

Dak’kon eased in, persistently pushing the man’s limits never pausing long enough to elicit cramping “Fuck…” Dak’kon growled in the other’s ear, Nikolai’s body closed in on him, squeezing so tightly that he nearly lost it then and there.

He rocked his hips forward slowly, watching the man’s body swallow him up centimeter by centimeter. When he was deep enough that he could thrust, he began to move rhythmically, sensually at first, working himself deeper by painstaking degrees. Nikolai kissed him desperately, sucking the air from his lungs and smothering their cries into incoherence. He kissed the man back with equal fervor, tongues twining, mouth’s working against each other in all their irreverent softness.

Nikolai moved in time with him, coaxing his cock deeper and deeper at first and then forcing it inside. It wasn’t long before they were working up to a frenzied pace and with each manic thrust Dak’kon was sure to nail the other man’s prostrate. Nikolai was all angles and lean muscle. He was as strong as he was uninhibited. The dynamic of a power struggle only fueled Dak’kon’s desires. He felt the gardener’s cock go rigid against him, felt the other’s hands squeezing his ass. Dak’kon was up to the hilt now, trapped within that merciless sheath, a sheath slippery with their combined essences. Gripping muscles milked his cock breaking down all bastions of reason, uncertainty and taboo. His hips slammed against the man’s ass without apology, without pause, delirious. He was operating totally on instinct now, no thoughts intervened, there was only pleasure, intense and unremitting.

Dak’kon pulled all the way out and flipped Nikolai over to his knees. Grabbing the man by the hips he began to plow into him from behind. Wrapping his hand around the Aasimer’s cock he started to stroke him off at first out of sync with his own thrusts and then at a blurred and hysterical pace. Dak’kon could feel his orgasm, writhing its way to the surface and this time he didn’t fight against it. His nuts were so swollen and tight they barely moved despite the carnal pounding. His senses seemed to blur into a sort of ecstatic synthesia, their bodies were one machine working to a unified end. The pressure rose up within him until he felt he would split apart at the seams, until it seemed that everything was simultaneously whole and fractured. He slammed into the man’s ass, forcing his cock into that infinite and unforgiving space. He paused there totally engulfed and shot his load deep inside the Aasimer’s body. The force of his orgasm, like the detonation of a bomb, and as he came shuddering and irreconcilable he felt Nikolai’s sex obdurate and shaking in the crook of his hand and just like that the man exploded all over the bed linens. For nearly a minute Dak’kon didn’t move, it was as if he were stricken with rigor mortis, and then everything melted away and the body beneath him collapsed. He didn’t even pull out just lay there on top of Nikolai panting.


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