Part 9

(This section contains oral sex, pretty graphic stuff that. Encase you are wondering why Dak’kon does not move in the scene it is because of the paralysis that occurs when under the influence of a sex fiend’s energy)

Once they returned to the room Nikolai began to strip down to his boxers. He almost removed his shirt as well but paused half-way up his chest before letting it drop. “I don’t want to tempt you too much otherwise I’ll never get any sleep.” The red head joked but in truth it was simply too cold to remove his shirt.

“If you never leave the house how do you get food anyways?” Dak’kon asked noting once more the other man’s thinness.

“Well the servants used to bring me stuff and I grow some vegetables in the garden. If you hadn’t showed up I probably would have gotten desperate enough to eat Xyven’s cooking. Though to be fair the man is/was actually a good chef.” Nikolai shrugged climbing into bed. ‘If only the fucker didn’t poison everything.’ He thought bitterly and that thought reflected in his expression.

They talked a little longer before saying goodnight.

The thick blanket did not totally neutralize the cold but he settled the best he could. It wasn’t long before Nikolai had maneuvered closer but he didn’t confront the man about it because the warmth of another body was actually kind of nice.

For the first half of the night Dak’kon’s dreams were pretty predictable, flashes of conversation and imagery all pertaining to recent events. There were even flashes of the kiss, in all its heated and forbidden glory but the dreams were not lucid like the ones Nikolai gave him.

It wasn’t until morning that his dreams took on an altogether different form.

Dak’kon felt a weight shifting at the foot of the mattress. He tried craning his neck to see if Nikolai was still asleep beside him but he could not turn his head. He felt someone tugging at the waist band of his pajamas bottoms. He tried to speak but found that he could not produce words, coherent or otherwise. His every sound was primal, monosyllabic, nonsense. His pulse was rapid with anticipation. He was not afraid. He felt his pants and boxers come off in one quick jerk and the warmth of someone’s breath on his rapidly growing erection. The hands caressing his thighs were not huge like Xyven’s and it seemed to him then that it must be Nikolai. There was indeed something almost reverent and affectionate in the hands sliding over his hips. Those questing fingertips, rough from work, sent chills down his spine. He inhaled sharply but his lungs felt compressed and thirsty and he could not draw quite enough air. His head was a skein of incomplete connections but what he lacked in reasoning ability he made up for in bodily sensations. He felt the other handling his balls, massaging them just so and with what seemed a very clear intent. They grew swollen and heavy, like ripe fruit. The person, whom he designated Nikolai, spread his thighs apart. He did not resist even though everything about the situation was alien and taboo. Dak’kon’s body was malleable to everyone but himself, he was locked in, a prisoner. His breathing grew ragged and he closed his eyes against the darkness.

His assailant (could someone capable of inciting so much pleasure truly be an assailant?) leaned forward inhaling the scent of his sex. The other growled face down in his crotch, the need was animalistic, uncompromising.

One of Dak’kon’s balls was taken into the unseen being’s mouth. Though he could not writhe he was accosted by the need when the other began sucking and manipulating his sac skillfully. Two fingers pressed against his perineum, rubbing it, stretching, ever-so-slightly, the muscles surrounding his entrance. Dak’kon felt full to bursting. His nuts were so engorged that the skin of his uncircumcised cock slid back as far it possibly could. He felt feverish, painfully aroused, bordering on delirious. No thoughts surfaced whatsoever, everything was swallowed in that warm, wet mouth. He felt the first drops of precum hot against his abs and it seemed that he might cum, prematurely, and without direct stimulation. Some force, not his will, kept him hanging on the precipice. He wanted to plead with the person but nothing escaped him but guttural monosyllables.

I can’t help it I am so hungry.” He recognized Nikolai’s voice, muffled though it was. He could neither give nor deny consent. He wanted it to go further, to keep going, to break his very soul apart. The attention, to his usually neglected sac, was incredible and when the red head started to hum he felt a wash of pure, undiluted ecstasy. He felt Nikolai’s fingers wrap around the base of his shivering cock and he could feel by the other’s grip that it was his biggest erection by far.

Nikolai began licking up the drops of pre cum on his stomach. The way the other was moaning suggested need, desire, unquantifiable lust. The fingers that had been massaging his perineum began cupping his balls, squeezing lightly, practically choking incoherent sobs from him. He felt the man’s moist breath on the head of his highly sensitized arousal and then a warm, slick, probing tongue lapping up every last drop of moisture around the slit. That same tongue, began a torturous promenade around the crown of his sex, starting at the overhang of glans and shaft and up the peach-like indenture. Nikolai was not impatient, Dak’kon was struggling to breathe. When the other swallowed the tip of his cock, he felt himself convulsing internally, he was gasping for air.

Centimeter by centimeter Nikolai worked down the length of his shaft, dragging his tongue along the underside whenever he slid back up. With each attempt Dak’kon’s cock began to disappear into that merciless cavern and then the man would pull out again flicking over the head with a practiced tongue. Dak’kon felt himself unraveling, the war with his body, the inability to thrust, his whole being throbbed and sweltered.

A rush of warm liquid electricity slid down his urethra, his muscles convulsed, his cock wept hotly. He’d never felt this sensation before, this heat, like an echo inside of his erection. He felt fractured, desperate, ravenous. No one had ever managed it, the full length of his cock but Nikolai had worked his way all the way to the base. Hot, wet, constricted. Once Nikolai reached the end he slid back up, slowly, cruelly, stopping at the top to tease the head before plunging down again. He began to pick up speed, Dak’kon felt his sex sliding into the back of the red head’s throat and all the while the man was milking his balls.

Soon…” Nikolai whispered the words right into the head of his sex, the man’s lips softly brushing against his fevered flesh.

Then Nikolai began to really go down on him in earnest, his moans almost entirely muffled by the massive shaft. That someone would want him this much, be driven to such hunger and such extremes, aroused him and terrified him simultaneously.

His muscles burned, he kept willing them to move, and they kept howling back at him to let out the savage energy contained within. His balls were near to bursting. When Nikolai had him locked in, all the way in, his cock went rigid, painfully, deliriously rigid and the echo within his sex became a scream. His muscles reverberated with a violence he’d never felt before, spasms so deep that they seemed to tear apart the very fabric of reality. When he came it was vicious and transcendent all at once. His cum immediately disappeared down the other’s throat, was swallowed, absorbed, and met with enthusiasm. When he thought himself spent, dry, utterly fulfilled his body was hit by a powerful wave of electricity that seemed to spark every single nerve and he came again, no longer able to recognize the inhuman sound of his own voice.

When Dak’kon woke up absolutely nothing made sense and yet he felt a sense of complete fulfillment, intense, overwhelming fulfillment. He was giddy, saturated by endorpins, unable to string a single thought together much less a sentence He was panting, his lungs raw with hunger. He wasn’t even aware of Nikolai looking down at him. He didn’t open his eyes. It was several minutes before he had climbed down and when at last he was back in his own body and back within the grasp of his own thoughts he began to panic. When he opened his eyes he saw Nikolai looking at him, he did not notice the smile on the man’s face which was one of bewilderment and knowing amusement.

Once Dak’kon realized he wasn’t soaked with cum, there seemed to him only one possibility.

“You haven’t been totally honest with me.” He said forcing Nikolai backwards on the mattress. There was a bit of a struggle because the red head was so thoroughly confused. The struggle caused the gardener’s shirt to slide up his chest, exposing his mid section.

Dak’kon grabbed hold of the man’s boxers and jerked them off. The red head’s morning erection smacked back against his stomach. Nikolai let out a muffled groan. There was nothing wrong with the man’s penis, that was to say there was nothing alien or monstrous about it.

“That must have been one hell of a dream. W-what are we doing again?” Nikolai asked feeling suddenly exposed. Since Dak’kon was still holding fast to his boxers he thought about covering himself with his hands but something in the dark-haired musician’s gaze had stunned him. “I mean I did just wake up…it’s normal.” Was the man mad because he had a boner?

“I thought…” Dak’kon’s brain had stopped working at this point. What the hell was he doing, well he was staring at Nikolai’s cock technically, but why was he doing it? The man’s penis was about 8 inches and perfect. No blemishes, even color, strait up, no bends, cleanly sculpted. All of this information was of course absorbed on an unconscious level. “Did you enter my dreams last night?”

“I don’t remember what I dreamed about last night.” Nikolai admitted sliding up to a seated position he grabbed a pillow for modesty. If this guy was a sex demon then that explained the complicated feelings of attraction he was experiencing. “Did you have a sex dream about me?” Nikolai asked in a tone somewhere between cautious and playful.

“Just get dressed.” Dak’kon sighed throwing the man his boxers. Nikolai stood up, erection still standing proud. He put on his boxers so that the waist band kept it pressed into his body.

“Are you being strait with me about everything to the best of your knowledge?” He asked again the dream had felt too real to deny it.

“I don’t know…my head…is kind of mixed up but if I am lying it’s not intentional.” Nikolai sounded sincere and Dak’kon felt compelled to believe him.

“Okay and yes I think it was you I was dreaming about.” He answered. “And no I won’t describe it to you.” He added grinning uncomfortably at the other man.

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