(First let me say I wrote this chapter when I was in that super tired state where everything is absolutely hilarious. So this chapter is vulgar and immature and ridiculously silly. There is sexual content and a lot of talk about monster genitalia. There is also some bad language. I am not sure I might rewrite it later but either way they are trying to identify the demon and it is a type of sex fiend so the genitalia is actually relevant.)

The room was unremarkable and contained only one arm chair, a lamp, and a stack of books. “These books are they significant?” Dak’kon asked crossing the room. He was grateful that Nikolai had given him an out so to speak.

“I think so Luca (grandfather) was particularly obsessed with them. Problem is I can’t read them. Do you read Romani?” Nikolai asked trying to position himself in a way that did not reflect his self-consciousness.

“A little but I am far from fluent.” Dak’kon said flipping slowly through one of the books. He recognized a few words here and there but it was really the images that caught his eye.

“Have you ever seen the demon? Not the demon as in Xyven but as itself?” Dak’kon asked turning to Nikolai who was feigning casual with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Never in his full form. I’ve only seen hints. Yellow eyes. Wide grin. Long tongue. To tell you the truth the thing that stood out most was his. His. You know. Penis.” Nikolai almost blurted the word out.

“Well I am going to need you to describe it to me.” Dak’kon said, he had legitimate reasons of course, but he still felt rather strange about making the request.

“Really?! Well it was about a foot long altogether. Maybe more and thick like. Well like my upper arm kind of.” Nikolai said wrapping his fingers around the most appropriate section of his forearm.

“Okay go on.” Dak’kon said making a mental note as he flipped through the descriptions in the book.

“Eh well the color seemed normal but considering I only saw it when he was wearing, well Xyven I can’t be sure. Anyways it was kinda of strange. Like a tentacle maybe. Prehensile? It could move around autonomously.” Nikolai clearly felt weird talking about the demon’s genitalia, at least as weird, as Dak’kon felt having this conversation. Kudos to the red head for trying though.

“He could do this really weird thing with his penis. It turned into this weird, sucking tube thing. Like it would totally engulf my entire. You know m-my. Fuck. Cock. My cock. And he would just like suck it dry.” Nikolai said, staring ferociously at the ground.

“He also had this, I don’t know protrusion that he would rub against…like the prostrate…I have a normal cock I swear.” Nikolai blurted out all of a sudden. “I mean it returned to normal after the demon left my body.” So that was what the other was so incredibly embarrassed about.

“You prepared to prove that?” Dak’kon asked unable to contain his laughter even though it was a little bit mean.

“You know what fuck you. Describe your cock to me then…it’s not that easy.” Nikolai said his tone implied jest, not anger.

“Well size-wise I am about the same.” Dak’kon said this very seriously, so seriously that Nikolai’s face contorted into all sorts of comical expressions.

“You are definitely hung…I noticed that before…but I’d have to see it to you know, confirm, science is a bitch. Now go on what else. Are you circumcised or not?” Nikolai asked waving for Dak’kon to continue.

At this point Dak’kon could not help but laugh and soon they were both laughing.

“O-kay okay seriously. Anything else you can tell me. Was their ejaculate? How much? Did you taste it?” Dak’kon showed one of the fact sheets too Nikolai. There were actually descriptors of these things listed but of course the other man couldn’t read the words.

“Now who has a problem with personal space?” Nikolai asked taking a deep breath.

“Yes there was ejaculate. It looked pretty normal to me. The texture was normal too. I am assuming I don’t have to describe ejaculate to you in detail. There was a lot of it though and no I didn’t have a measuring cup but I’d say like ¾ of a cup or something.” Dak’kon was having a hard time listening because he was laughing so hard that he was almost crying.

“As for the taste and I can’t believe I am saying this out loud but it was kind of sweet…not sickly sweet or anything but like mildly sweet. Not saline. It was kinda of addictive, his semen I mean…too much information…but in the interest of sorting things out…are you satisfied? Are you jealous?” Nikolai slipped in that last part kinda of quiet like.

“Kinda of. I mean who doesn’t want their cum to be addictive.” Dak’kon said half-jokingly.

“You have a point but that wasn’t what I meant.” Nikolai grinned. “Seriously I just described this monster’s junk to you in excruciating detail and you’re not even going to show me yours?”

“I am not no because then you’d never stop talking about it.” Dak’kon teased even though he technically forced the other man to do it. “I hate to ask this now but what about the balls?”

“He had huge balls okay it’s a wonder he can walk around but they looked like balls you know? I know you know what they are because yours have to be absolutely fucking huge to keep asking me these questions.” Nikolai answered and it was quite a while before Dak’kon could even form words he was laughing so hard.

“That actually narrows it down thank you.” Dak’kon said showing Nikolai some of the potentials.

“They have pictures in that book Dak’kon. Pictures of monster cocks. Is there some reason I had to describe his genitalia to you? Cough. Closest. Pervert..” Nikolai said glancing at Dak’kon out of the corner of his eye. The fact that the other actually said cough instead of fake coughing set off another laughing fit. It was a while before their laughter died and Dak’kon realized they were both completely exhausted. Laughter was great stress relief.

“Well can you tell by the pictures exactly which one it is?” Dak’kon asked and Nikolai couldn’t because the images were kinda of blurry and lacking detail.

“No I can’t but those appear close. Does it say anything about getting rid of the demon?” Nikolai asked leaning over the book even though he couldn’t read it.

“No this book just describes them. So do you want to pour over this now or do you want to get some sleep? You are really killing me man. I mean that in a good way. If that makes sense.” Dak’kon said he hadn’t actually had this much fun with someone in well, ever.

“It does. I mean I can’t remember the last time I really laughed.” Nikolai said serious for a moment. “Go on look into my eyes will you because honestly I can’t wait to get into bed with you.”

“The only thing we’ll be doing in bed tonight is sleeping.” Dak’kon smiled doing his best to keep the other’s gaze.


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