(This chapter has kissing and a bit of sexual content. As you know I am writing this for fun, no planning involved, just strait stream of conscious. I tell myself stories throughout the day and this is a bit like that, only I am writing it down and sharing it. I have extremely poor social skills in real life and that bleeds into my characters and their relationships which is why I tend to choose misfits. Anyhow I realize I’ve never described Dak’kon’s appearance (or given him a normal name lol). Dak’kon is 6’3, athletic/fit but not bulky, Japanese/Eastern European, tan, brown eyes, long, thick, black hair with a slight wave, on the sexy side of good-looking, body hair more in line with his Japanese heritage, medium frame size)

“Xyven approached me in the library shortly after you left. He looked…off somehow.” Dak’kon said no sooner than the portal had closed behind him. He wasn’t slurring his words but his pacing was a bit off. Nikolai was clearly troubled by the news and it was a while before the other spoke again.

“We’ll have to reevaluate the schedule.” The red head sighed giving Dak’kon a thorough once over. “I thought you slept naked.” He commented after another pause.

“I don’t feel much like sleeping and even if I did what makes you think I’d jump into bed with you naked?” Dak’kon answered smiling. Was it Nikolai or the alcohol that had taken the edge off his mood?

“It’s called wishful thinking you should try it sometime. By the way have you been drinking?” Nikolai asked indicating the water bottle still in Dak’kon’s hand. It wasn’t so much the inconspicuous bottle that had tipped him off, as the lazy smile plastered on the musician’s face.

“Wishful thinking I’ll keep that in mind. I have been drinking. I wasn’t sure when you were going to show up.” He said his gaze lingering a little too long on the other’s lopsided grin.

“I would have come sooner if I’d known. Did anything happen? What did he say?” Nikolai reached up and squeezed Dak’kon’s shoulder right where it connected to the muscles of his neck. It was meant to be a comforting gesture but it felt a little too good.

“Uh…nothing particularly enlightening. He apparently doesn’t want us redecorating.” Dak’kon’s said shrugging. “There is something I don’t get though. I thought he was tied to the house. I saw him in town when the lawyer went over the will.”

“Did you see him interact with anything? Did he speak to anyone?” Nikolai asked it was apparently the first he’d heard of Xyven’s outing.

“Not that I can think of. He barely left an impression.” Dak’kon sat his bottle down on the table. There was really no use drinking now, though there was something slightly appealing about getting drunk.

“Maybe he can project his image?” Nikolai suggested but it was clear he didn’t have an answer.

“I have seen some things I can’t explain. The way he moved it wasn’t natural. I might be losing mind.” Dak’kon said flopping down on the mattress.

“That is a possibility.” Nikolai offered plopping down beside the other man. “But in that case you’re not the only one.” The red head nudged him playfully.

“So what do we know about this demon anyway I mean really?” Dak’kon asked, he wasn’t looking at Nikolai now. He didn’t even slide over when the red head sat too close.

“He attacks when you’re in an altered state of consciousness. He can infect dreams. He has the ability to possess others and that is what really sets him apart from other incubi the ability to assume and maintain a corporeal form. He consumes sexual fluids.” Nikolai chewed on his bottom lip, apparently that last bit of information was embarrassing.

“What do you mean consumes? Like it gets him off or like its a source of energy?” Dak’kon asked. He was so far down the rabbit hole at this point that there was no coming up for light.

“Both. I don’t know if he’s subject to starvation but I wonder how long he could maintain his hold on Xyven if he were deprived.” Where had Xyven been getting his fluids anyways? The obvious answer, of course, was Nikolai. Though it seemed to him that the red head had been hiding himself for a while now.

“We could just leave then. Head back to my place in the city at least until the winter is over.” Dak’kon suggested. He had no intention of abandoning the house but he wasn’t exactly equipped for this sort thing. At least in the city they could conduct proper research and make contacts. An internet connect could have done wonders for their cause.

“Maybe but you said he projected himself into the city. He might be forced to return here periodically but whose to say he can’t leave? Besides I am not sure if I can leave the house. Maybe I died and maybe that’s why he left my body.” Although it was obvious that Nikolai considered his death a serious possibility, Dak’kon could not help but laugh.

“I just watched you eat a whole pizza by yourself. You are real alright. I can see you. I can touch you.” To illustrate this (though it was unnecessary considering that they had touched many times) Dak’kon mussed Nikolai’s hair. “You need to get out of this place. Interact with people.”

“I want to kiss you just so you know.” Nikolai turned away smiling shyly. “We’ll try it your way but I better not fucking disappear. Now play me something, you kind of promised me and I have entertained your questions enough for the night. Just for like a second I want to be normal.” Nikolai said and there was something sincere and even a little sad in his tone.

“You talk too much.” Dak’kon replied turning Nikolai’s face toward him. His eyes were lowered when he pressed forward. Nikolai met him part way. The kiss started out slow, sensual, exploratory even but proceeded with great desperation. Dak’kon was surprised at how soft the other man’s lips were. Everything about the kiss surprised him, especially the part where he liked it. Though like wasn’t a very adequate description for what was, in fact, an incredible kiss. They parted only after their aching lungs were too spent to continue and even then it was with great reluctance. “You are alive.” Dak’kon took Nikolai’s hand and instead of placing it over his own heart he had the man touch himself. How long had Nikolai been living here like this, long enough for peculiarities and schisms to arise, long enough for desperation to override logic. “Now I believe I owe you a song” Dak’kon said rising.

“Or we could just make out some more.” Nikolai suggested, his voice low, sexy even. Dak’kon was very close to accepting the offer.

It was a bit too soon for him though. He’d never been attracted to another man outside of a vague, casual acknowledgment that some men were fit. Even during his more impressionable years he had been strictly drawn to the opposite sex and it was with the opposite sex that all his youthful experimentation had occurred. He was not prepared just now to alter his identity. He could not deny that he had just kissed another man and that he had enjoyed it to an almost painful degree but he could at least give himself some processing time. Time to absorb, maybe even savor the anticipation and turmoil the incident had caused him. It wasn’t like he was black and white about his sexuality or sexuality in general it was just unfamiliar. It was deeper than that though he was unfamiliar with monogamy, with deep friendship, with anything bordering on meaningful and he didn’t take Nikolai for a one night stand kind of person. The one thing he hated more than anything was leading someone on, since he hadn’t totally shot the man down yet it was clear enough that he was at least entertaining a possibility between them.

“Don’t be so greedy.” Dak’kon teased taking his guitar out of its case.

Dak’kon played several songs, though it was in part to center himself. He even sang. His voice was deep, a bit rough, and his voice bordered on too sexy, inadvertently sexy. When he was finished Nikolai praised him enthusiastically but it was the shifting of a concealed erection that clarified the effect of his music.

Nikolai chewed nervously on his bottom lip and there it was again that feeling of overwhelming awkwardness. A tightening of the chest. An ache that was to Dak’kon utterly foreign. They had chemistry and he was not used to holding himself back.

“Will you follow me? There is somewhere I want to take you.” Nikolai asked shaking Dak’kon from his mental paralysis. “Yeah alright.” He said looking into the other’s eyes for the first time in a while. It was both intoxicating and uncomfortable as hell.

“Trance or vodka it’s up to you.” Were they going to travel to one of the other rooms? Dak’kon had noted the existence of 4 unopenable rooms. So far he’d only seen one. As for the options he wasn’t sure which was better. His buzz had worn off. If he got drunk he was more likely to act on his impulses and less likely to remember the details.

“Trance.” He said after a too long pause. Nikolai clipped his hair back this time maybe because Dak’kon had teased him about the ponytail.

“I almost can’t look at you.” Nikolai said shifting his weight back and forth, so the man was shy when it got real? After looking down several times to collect himself the red head finally focused and with an intensity Dak’kon hadn’t seen before.

Looking into the man’s eyes he found himself slipping underneath a powerful tide. He didn’t struggle.


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