Part 4

(supernatural, awkwardness, kissing, erections, gay with this story I am just writing freely trying to break through the barriers/insecurities that keep me from writing stories. I probably will have to reign my shit in to write a popular story but now I am just trying to write/complete any story and have fun doing it)

Dak’kon couldn’t sleep at first but he was still appreciative of the silence. He needed to be alone with his thoughts, to process the day’s events. He doubted much sense could be made of the situation there were just too many things that he didn’t understand. For what purpose had Xyven drugged him? Clearly the drugs weren’t meant to kill him. If for the purposes of rape then why hadn’t the other given him aphrodisiacs? Was it merely a diversion? Was Xyven’s true purpose to disable him while he searched for Nikolai? If so he’d done the red head an enormous disservice by drawing attention to his existence. The only way he could conceivably make up for that was to keep Nikolai safe, to eliminate the threat that Xyven posed.

According to Nikolai Xyven was possessed by a demon. Was this simply a way of explaining the betrayal of a lover or was there something more to it? He’d grown up hearing stories of demons, of magic, of alternate realms but he had never once taken them as truth. He did not look down on believers but he needed actual evidence. Words were insufficient, liars were common and often the best orators. Nikolai didn’t strike him as being particularly dishonest though, everything the gardener told him came from a place of genuine belief. But was it just Nikolai’s truth or was it the actual truth?

How could he explain away his dream? He’d met Nikolai before they’d ever officially met. Had he glanced at a newspaper while stopping at the gas station? Had their been an image? An article about the man’s disappearance? He couldn’t remember anything of the sort but it was perfectly possible something in his periphery had left a subconscious imprint.

What about the mirrors? The statue in the foyer? Why did they strike him as significant? They were common enough motifs in horror movies. He was starting a new chapter in his life, it was probably just stress. Everything could be explained away but the eye that was something he’d never seen. A genetic defect maybe? He wasn’t exactly sporting a medical degree so for all he knew there was a simple, scientific diagnosis.

Eventually his mind settled in the familiar comfort of logic and he began to incrementally unwind. He noticed for the first time the scent in the sheets, it was a comforting scent, subtle, clean, masculine in only the positive respects. He didn’t sense Nikolai’s presence anymore but he felt certain the other was still in the room with him (otherwise he would have heard something). They were close in age and the man’s personality, though strange, wasn’t bad. He didn’t have many male friends but he felt that they could get along. He had to find a way of getting the red head out of this house or else removing the danger so that the house would be safe again.

Dak’kon at last nodded off.

What is the deal with the mirrors?” Dak’kon asked sitting up in bed. Nikolai was leaning against the wall, knees up, seemingly keeping guard. “They are portals. The only problem is you have to be in an altered state of consciousness to use them. If Xyven succeeds in drugging you again, get to your bedroom as fast as you can. He won’t be able to follow you.” Nikolai explained. Rising the red head crossed the room and took a seat beside him on the mattress. Once again he was struck by the offness of the man’s proximity.

Assuming I believe you about everything did the demon’s presence leave any lasting effects. I mean aside from the eye?” Dak’kon asked with Nikolai facing forward all he could see of the man’s face was his jawline.

How do you think we are talking right now?” The red head asked turning to face Dak’kon. “I can enter dreams. I can manipulate them too but mostly I just use them to communicate.” The gardener answered crossing his legs underneath him.

So my dream you were really there?” Dak’kon asked watching the red head pick at his shoe laces.

Yeah that was me.” Nikolai answered tilting his head to the side.

And that shadow I was chasing who was that?” Dak’kon felt a strange tightness in his chest but he wasn’t sure if it was in regards to his recollection of the nightmare figure or something else.

That was the demon. Not actually the demon but a projection of your mind. You sensed him as soon as you entered the house. The statue in the foyer. See your grandfather used to perform exorcisms and cleansings. He got called out on an assignment and that’s when he first encountered the demon. He wasn’t strong enough to banish it outright so he trapped it inside of a suitable vessel. For a long time the demon was dormant, the trap was effective. He spent years trying to find a way to get rid of the demon but he was unsuccessful. He even called in holy men of different faiths but they wanted nothing to do with this house or the demon contained within. Eventually his health began to deteriorate and his magic weakened. The demon broke free but years of confinement had left him diminished. He needed a host. The elderly staff were of no interest to him because their bodies were too fragile. Your grandfather taught me how to resist possessions but Xyven thought the whole thing was bullshit. He only pretended to listen so he wouldn’t lose his job. Xyven was the perfect candidate when you think about it. The demon went for me first though, the fact that Xyven was a nonbeliever gave him a kind of natural resistance.” Nikolai explained. Dak’kon couldn’t remember the red head ever sounding so pensive before.

You and Xyven were you really lovers?” Dak’kon asked the fact that they were speaking in a dream made him feel less reserved.

I said the demon failed to possess me but that isn’t exactly true. It took me about two weeks to fight him off. While he was inside of me. I had these urges. My sex drive was heightened so if you were thinking Xyven forced me, he didn’t have to.” Nikolai clarified chewing on his bottom lip.

Did you even know what was happening? Can you remember the time you were together?” Dak’kon asked. For someone whose words defied logic, the red head was awfully coherent.

The same way you experience a dream. I saw what was happening. Sometimes I even felt it. Sometimes I even managed some measure of control but mostly I was just an observer.”Nikolai said grinning at the floor. “Are you done asking about my uh sex life?” The red head queried nudging Dak’kon playfully with his shoulder.

Sorry, I am just trying to make sense of everything. What about Xyven is he still in there?” Dak’kon asked he was getting into this now fiction or not.

The demon has been inside of Xyven for nearly a year. I am not sure what is left of the man’s original personality. I am not really even sure what Xyven is like, you know outside of sex.”

Is this all you do in dreams talk?” Nikolai asked his expression was playful, almost goading.

No not usually. What sort of dream would you prefer?”Dak’kon asked jokingly. Truth be known about 90% of his dreams were about sex.

Dak’kon was lying on his back again, Nikolai on top him but this time the red head wasn’t sitting down on him he was lying on top of him. He felt the man’s thigh against his sex and the man’s soft mouth enveloping his own. He should have been the one surprised but it was the red head that pulled away, though just a fraction.

I thought you didn’t like this sort of thing?” Nikolai’s lips brushed against his when he spoke.

I don’t so get off already.” Dak’kon said grabbing the back of Nikolai’s neck roughly leaving the red head no means of compliance. Leaning forward it was Dak’kon who initiated the kiss and it was also Dak’kon’s tongue that entered first. Nikolai didn’t resist the kiss, he only increased the intensity. As they kissed Dak’kon could feel the other grinding against him. He could feel that lean thigh wedged between his legs creating an uneasy friction. A friction that heated his body up, a friction that made him feel strange and conflicted. The other’s hands, warmly cupped the side of his face. His lungs ached, there was something primal and desperate rising up inside of him, a need unknown and taboo.

Dak’kon woke up suddenly. The direction and the lucidity of the dream having jarred him forcefully awake. He’d expected Nikolai to be on top of him as that would account for the potency of the experience but the red head was still on the other side of the room. Now that Dak’kon could move, albeit somewhat more sluggishly than normal, he sat up completely unaided. Nikolai was seated against the wall, knees up, head slumped forward. Apparently the red head was still asleep.

Dak’kon got up and walked over to the man. If Nikolai was really in his head why hadn’t he woken up yet? Squatting in front of Nikolai, Dak’kon reached over and ran a hand through the other man’s hair.

“Leave me alone I’m busy. Better yet go back to sleep.” Nikolai mumbled though Dak’kon could tell by the red head’s voice that he was very much awake.

“What was I dreaming about? Tell me if you know…” Dak’kon asked, his question forced Nikolai to look up.

“Well there was an awful lot of talking first of all. Lets see first you asked me about the mirrors. Then we talked about your grandfather, about the demon, and about how the demon possessed me before it possessed Xyven and about how during my possession Xyven and I became lovers. Then I teased you about having such boring dreams and you kissed me.” Nikolai answered but the answer was impossible. How could the other deduce so much?

“Close enough…the kiss though that never happened.” Dak’kon was lying of course, it had happened and he blamed it on the fact that he was asleep and not in his right mind (there was also the incident with the kiss prior to falling asleep).

“Okay but I wouldn’t stand up for a while if I were you otherwise I will see your erection.” Nikolai teased but his comment was on the mark. Dak’kon hadn’t noticed it before but it was true. His pants were incredibly tight particularly in this crouched position.

Grabbing Nikolai by the ankles he slid the red head out from the wall and although the other man put up somewhat of a struggle (at least in jest) he managed to get him flat on his back. “You mean that erection that’s all you.” Dak’kon turned around and stood up so that he wasn’t facing Nikolai anymore.

“I think I believe you about the dreams. Maybe there is something to the other stuff as well.” He sighed and he could hear Nikolai behind him scrambling to a more modest seated position. “Thanks.” There was a hint of shyness in the other’s voice.

“I am going to have to leave. Get us some actual food. Do you want to come with?” Dak’kon asked still facing away from Nikolai.

“I think I’ll stay here and jerk off while you’re gone but I am all about the food idea.” Nikolai responded.

“You really don’t have a filter. Now how do I get out of here?” Dak’kon asked hadn’t Nikolai said something about an altered state of consciousness? He doubted he could fall asleep again.

“I’ll have to put you in a trance…” Nikolai answered rising up from the floor.

“Once I am through how do I wake up from the trance?” Dak’kon asked, he could hardly believe how ridiculous he sounded.

“Once you’re under I’ll give you a word. Just say it out loud once you’ve made it to the other side.” Dak’kon was very conscious of the other behind him. “But you are going to have to turn around and look at me for this to work.” Dak’kon could hear Nikolai fiddling with something behind him but he did not turn around immediately. Instead he conjured up the most unpleasant image he could think of in an effort to eradicate his erection.

When Dak’kon finally turned around to face the man, he saw immediately that the red head had pulled his hair back. The resulting ponytail stood up cutely on the top of his head. He could now clearly see both of the man’s eyes.

“I don’t think I can take you seriously like that.” Dak’kon said unable to suppress a smile.

“For this to work I need you to look into my eyes. Let your thoughts go all fuzzy and soft like a vignette.” Nikolai was trying not to smile but Dak’kon could see that the other’s lips trembled ever-so-slightly. “Not my mouth…my eyes alright.” Nikolai corrected and Dak’kon allowed his gaze to drift upward. The pull was immediate, like the force of gravity after a high speed revolution.


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