Part 3

(this section isn’t particularly scary but it is extremely silly! It also contains sexual interaction between 2 men.)

Dak’kon woke face up on the floor. The muted light gave rise to shadows and shapes which he could not immediately identify. His head throbbed and he felt distantly that there was a pressure against his hips and groin. It was if as if someone were sitting on top of him.

“You’re awake. I was starting to panic.” Dak’kon recognized the voice and the image of a vibrant, green eye rose up before him. This was the man from his dreams. Had he lost consciousness? Was he awake or trapped somewhere in the interstitial spaces between reality and delirium?

“What the fuck did you do to me? I feel like shit.” Dak’kon’s voice was hoarse and far quieter than he’d intended.

“I only brought you here. Xyven drugged you. I don’t know what he gave you though.” Nikolai lifted his hips and reached between his own legs and before Dak’kon could understand what was happening the red head’s hand was already holding his cock. The contact was brief but blatant. The unexpectedness of the gesture sobered him, ever-so-slightly but still did not shake loose the fog that prevailed over his thoughts. Dak’kon made a strangled noise between a growl and an inhalation of surprise. “Looks like he only meant to knock you out. Doesn’t seem like he used any aphrodisiacs.” Nikolai said expressing no signs of embarrassment for what should have been an embarrassing act (given the circumstances).

“I am going to pretend you didn’t just grab my junk. Next time just ask if I have an erection.” Dak’kon commented not really considering how ludicrous his statement sounded. “What do you mean Xyven drugged me?” He asked looking at Nikolai for the first time. The red head was strait up straddling him and not just that but the guy was like five inches from his goddamn face.

“You sure about that? I might, you know catch you at an awkward time.” Nikolai said and it was clear from his tone that he was joking. The unexpected and inappropriate nature of the joke made Dak’kon laugh despite the pain in his head. The sudden jerk in his body caused Nikolai to slide against his groin in a way that was uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in the painful sense, uncomfortable in the sense that it produced a sensation one could consider pleasant.

“For fuck’s sake don’t make me laugh….” Dak’kon groaned. If he could just shake this goddamn stupor and collect his thoughts.

“To answer your question it wasn’t Xyven exactly, there is a demon in possession of him. Drugs were Xyven’s MO, the demon has access to all his memories. As for why I am only guessing here but I think he ah wanted to be intimate with you.” Nikolai answered sitting up strait he allowed his weight to settle on Dak’kon’s pelvis.

“Get off of me already. I want to sit up.” Nikolai helped Dak’kon to sitting, propping him against the wall for support. It was pretty clear that the support was necessary, crucial even to the illusion of uprightness.

Several minutes passed in silence. Xyven had come off as a major prick but a demon? That was an accusation too far-fetched for Dak’kon to accept. Still the man had drugged him or else Nikolai had but the former had seemed to him the more likely candidate. The most logical explanation was that Xyven had put something in his food.

“As soon as I regain use of everything I am going to find that bastard…” Dak’kon’s statement trailed off but his intentions were nevertheless apparent.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. Right now the demon is just toying with you. As long as his identity is hidden he’ll play civil.” Nikolai said taking a seat beside Dak’kon on the floor. The red head gathered his knees up to his chest. He was wearing ripped up jeans, a black t-shirt with a graphic faded beyond comprehension, and a pair of worn out, green converse.

“Civil? He fucking drugged me.” Dak’kon said turning to face the red head who he found, once again, to be a fraction too close to him. “Where the hell am I anyways? And how did you get me here?” Nikolai was pretty tall but he was thin, thin enough to suggest some degree of deprivation.

“Xyven can’t enter this room on account of the seals. As for how I got you here I carried you princess-style. No seriously I dragged you.” Nikolai smiled apologetically.

“You are pretty sarcastic you know that? So you’re really sold on this idea of Xyven being a demon huh?” Dak’kon asked but he didn’t really need the other man to answer, it was obvious. Was it some sort of trauma that caused Nikolai to view the man as a monster? Xyven had mentioned sex, maybe it hadn’t been consensual. PTSD explained everything.

“Look I get it you don’t believe me. In time you’ll get your proof for now though just trust me when I say he’s dangerous and that it’s better if he thinks you are oblivious. Also don’t eat anything he gives you.” Nikolai didn’t seem particularly offended by his lack of faith which was rather refreshing.

“Alright but you expect me to just let him hang around like nothings happened?” Dak’kon asked he wasn’t really prepared to do that knowing what he knew or at least knowing what he thought he knew.

“This is his territory he’s unlikely to leave. He is a creature of habit though. Between 9 and 11 everyday he’ll be preparing your meals. Just avoid the kitchen during those hours. Don’t eat the food he makes and make sure you hide the waste. He can’t attack you unless you’re in an altered mental state.” Nikolai explained all the while watching Dak’kon intently for comprehension.

“What about sleep? I can’t avoid it.” Dak’kon asked. Was it okay to play into this guy’s delusions? Given his compromised state it was probably better not to push the red head too hard.

“Sleep here with me this room is safe.” Nikolai indicated a mattress in the center of the room that Dak’kon hadn’t noticed before. Why was he on the floor if there had been a bed all along? “If you seriously think I am going to share a bed with you, given your concept of personal space you’re mistaken.” He answered his voice wasn’t harsh but his words did elicit a reaction from the red head, one he could not have anticipated.

“Am I too close now?” Nikolai asked leaning in even closer a big, stupid grin plastered on his face. At this distance Dak’kon could feel the other’s breath on his face.

“You’re a real fucking handful.” Dak’kon said but when he went to push the man away he found that his arm would not cooperate. This was, of course, somewhat distressing but what could he do? “Look I have some reservations about what you’ve said. I need proof but I’ll try to keep an open mind. Anyway I am going to go over there and see if I can sleep this off try not to get on top of me.” Dak’kon said but when he tried to stand using the wall he found he didn’t have the strength or the necessary coordination. Though his mind was beginning to clear his body was still more or less useless.

Nikolai stood up and hooked his hands under Dak’kon’s armpits. The floor was slick so the going was easy but it was pretty awkward. He’d never been this helpless in front of another person and he didn’t much enjoy it. Once positioned on the mattress he turned to face Nikolai. The red head kneeled beside him. “Thanks for you know saving me..”

“Don’t mention it…” Nikolai responded, his voice soft bordering on affectionate. Leaning down the green-eyed man brushed his hair back for the first time revealing that he had two different colored eyes. One nuclear green, the other totally black, sclera and all. Dak’kon was so focused on the man’s eyes that he didn’t realize what the red head was doing until it was too late to stop it (assuming he could have stopped it). Nikolai pressed his mouth to Dak’kon’s full on, lingering contact. With some effort Dak’kon managed to wedge his arm between their bodies but he couldn’t push the man away. Thankfully the other hadn’t tried to use tongue.

“What are you doing…” Dak’kon growled causing Nikolai to sit up immediately with what he took to be surprise. He wiped his mouth limply with the back of his hand but he couldn’t physically wipe away the sensation.

“I totally misread the situation. Gah I am so embarrassed.” Nikolai turned away from Dak’kon still on his knees.

“What is wrong with your eye?” Dak’kon asked changing the subject in part so he wouldn’t laugh at the poor guy and in part because he was really fucking curious.

“The demon tried to possess me first. It failed, well mostly. It’s not a contact seriously.” The red head answered turning around he leaned down holding open the eye so Dak’kon could get a good look. It wasn’t a contact and Dak’kon couldn’t explain it. “So you really didn’t want to kiss?” The gardener asked disrupting Dak’kon’s train of thought.

“No I mean it’s not personal or anything. I just don’t kiss men.” Dak’kon answered and he could literally see Nikolai’s mind processing.

“Oh, oh you’re like strait! Jesus that must have been so awkward for you!” Nikolai exclaimed suddenly. “How about you take that nap now.” The red head said trying to close his eyes corpse-style. At this Dak’kon could not help but laugh outright and it kind of hurt.

“S-seriously don’t m-make me laugh.” Dak’kon was nearly breathless from the exertion. “Go sit over there I-I can’t even l-look at you…but first roll me over will you.” He said his body felt like lead and he didn’t want to be staring at the ceiling anymore, it made his feel trapped inside his body (which he was).

“Okay sure.” Nikolai said pushing Dak’kon onto his side before retreating to an unseen corner. Now that he was facing a different direction he noticed that there was a mirror in the corner exactly like the one in his bedroom.


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