So here is the thing. I have started writing a story and it is has kept me pretty busy. I have already talked at length about my difficulties with story writing so I won’t repeat them here but suffice to say I am practicing with the hopes of strengthening my craft. The story I am currently working on is strictly for my own amusement. I wanted to write something completely selfishly, something I didn’t need to censor for an audience. So I am writing a story with horror, humor, psychology, and sex (gay sex in this case). Given my themes I wasn’t sure if I should share it here or not! I am not sure yet how graphic it will be. I am not even sure how much sense it will make or if it will be good or bad. It is a learning exercise and I want it to be as fun as possible (fun for me I mean).


10 thoughts on “I am writing

  1. This is it!
    Excellent – you will be challenged….but mainly by yourself.

    Put it all out there. ALL of it, however it comes.

    Later…MUCH later, if you really push far out there, you will find that you do indeed, have the material for a book you can be proud of.

    Only then do you go back and start to fiddle – and believe me the fiddling is SUCH a process!

    You’ll thank yourself for having put everything in – and leaving it in – and will come away, with a leaner, meaner, concentrated thing of force.

    Onward! Neither look left not right, onward I say, tally ho!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I have already written more than I thought I would. I certainly have been challenged by myself, I am quite impatient and so this have been a practice in mindfulness and patience lol

  2. Oh…and have a definite ‘last day’ of writing. It’s arbitrary but believe me, just stick your finger on the calendar.


    Then walk away, finished or not, for exactly the amount of time you spent writing. Do not return.

    During this period, there will be angst, there will be giddy joy.

    And there will be inspiration.

    Those inspirations, compile as a complete separate document – at no time, do you return to the original. Not even a peek!

    Then, when it’s time, print out everything, including the new document and just read them through, yourself. No editing…. You can make notes as a third document.

    Your book will be there. Suddenly. Ferociously.

    Then… You’ll need an editor! But by then the material will be so compelling the editor (could be anyone you can rely on to read it through and look at proper language, and clarity) will relish the read.

    Ah. I’m Giddy myself at the prospect!

    Sorry for so much unsolicited advice, it spewed out. Whatever you do, don’t stop, even when you think you’re writing nonsense, neither write too much when you’re on a roll.

    Calendar. Finger. Place.

    1. I am very appreciative of all your advice! It sounds like you have spent a good deal of time honing your craft! I will need to find an editor comfortable with the content because there will be some graphic sections. Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful and encouraging comments

  3. Put EVERYTHING in! Forward.
    Yes, I have…. And this post was SO inspirational, it gushed out.

    Go on, from what I’m reading, you are going to be astonished with yourself AND make an assisting contribution to writing everywhere.

    Onward. On.

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