Writing Prompt #205 “Stories By 5” and Wordle #153

Week 153

When measured against his dreams Qensai’s successes were minimal. He’d lived the whole of his short life with his chin to his chest, insubstantial and echolalic. She was an exclamation, singing in bedlam, her malachite eyes stripped him entirely of pretense. Her hair was quarrelsome, caught in a self-perpetuating wind. The way it spilled over her face, half-heartedly, reminded Qensai of the masks worn at masquerades. She was everything he was not. She was an epiphany worth the price of all his former comforts. She swallowed him up, even the bits rotten from disuse. She remade him at his soul’s bequest and through her devotion even his demons made their way into the light. He became such a different sort of man that even his family scrambled to recognize him. Happiness suited him. His narrow margins expanded into possibility and success came in the wake of a newly found ardor. His skin took on the sheen of a perpetual solstice. He loved as he had never loved before and the whitewashed walls of his heart grew moist and red. She was the mirror in which all his good intentions were reflected. Their love was palpable, visible to all and they, in their absorption, were immune to the machinations of those who sought to divide them. Their love endured all the challenges that fell upon it though not without the acquisition of a few scars. They grew old together and when the time came they died together, not a second between them.

A 250 word story. I would like to learn how to write stories but I haven’t got very much patience so I decided to start with very short ones! I even decided to write something squishy and happy for once.


8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #205 “Stories By 5” and Wordle #153

  1. It is always good to try new things. This reminds me of ‘Scrooge’ a tad.
    I like though that none could separate them and they expired together.
    Maybe even going to that great beyond as a happy unit. 😉

    (slowly catching up on my return visits.)

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