Writing Prompt #203 “Letters to Death”


Dear Death,

Let’s start with the basics. Just how many reapers are out there and from whence do they come? Are you capable of maintaining multiple manifestations at once? Do you operate outside of time and space? Do you have a residence or do you reside in the living, a faithful and sometimes unwelcome companion? What of the afterlife have you seen it? Can you speak of it with impunity? Does the uncertainty of it eat you up inside? Are we already dead, caught in the residuum of a once formidable existence? Do we repeat the same life or do we live out countless lives? Is it true that I am everyone who has ever lived and ever will live? I read that somewhere once and it sounded plausible.

If all things contain their opposites are you responsible for births as well? Do you speak with the deceased, assuage their fears, offer council for the journey ahead? Does each person realize their own vision of the afterlife or do we simply end?

Sometimes I have dreams that I am death. In these dreams I know the other side and I guide souls across eased by my own understanding. If this is the true reality of death then it is not to be feared. It simply denotes a passage. If this is death than it is extricable from birth. Do these dreams mean anything? Are dreams the boundary between all realities, the interstices that bind ribs and consolidate hearts? Are we all psychopomps bound in an intangible labyrinth between what we blindly consider life and death?

Johnny Homogeneous