Wordle #145 “March 6th, 2017″

Week 145

Where do we stand
when the ground beneath
fails to convey us?

Without filter
your exotic eyes burn
into my soul’s ellipses.
Two-cornered and primitive
I rage against the rictus
of my own mispronounced smile.

That I possessed your longanimity
I might recover, steady and triumphant
but beneath the clock’s beguiling noise
I fold myself into fetal crescents.

The jailer within me cringes
with afflatus, emeralds brace themselves
and are born into a swarm of pasty stars.

I back away slowly from the ledge
invisible and momentous
I take your hands among others
and begin the long journey home.


9 responses to “Wordle #145 “March 6th, 2017″

  1. Gripping opening stanza Yves …. and it just continues along the same veins …. building to the edge, a moment, and then it comes to a surprising yet somewhat pleasant enough ending … although there is still uncertainty lingering, a metallic taste in the mouth.

    Excellent use of the wordle.

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