Photo Challenge #154 and Wordle #144


My blood caramelizes
under the swelter
of an implausible embrace.
Drenched in tears
as wide and iridescent
as dragonfly wings
I blunder without collapse.

Will you enter me thus,
flawed and apotropaic?
I have abandoned the war,
the constant need
to justify my difference.
I am good enough.

My sceleras curdle
under the intensity
of a protracted gaze.
The lucida beckons
from beneath a welling
of lovesick clouds
and among them
I count not a single sheep.

My feathers droop
mired in my own
intransigent and primordial urges.
The shadows grind and grimace
against a backdrop of emaciated trees.
Where is my annus mirabilis
my bald and unsubstantiated truth?


Can Pekdemir


12 responses to “Photo Challenge #154 and Wordle #144

  1. All those secrets we try to keep…
    Maybe sharing them in poetry helps us to heal?
    I didn’t write to the photo… I’ve been out in the good weather catching a cold!

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