Today I received my certificate! I am officially a Swedish citizen. The response was fast. I can hardly believe it.

Now onto to the unrelated poem. I have been too much in my head to write. Still I tried and for some reason I combined 2 of my wordles.

She comes and goes, a zenosyne,
ravaged by love and happenstance.
I need her, complications and all.
I reach out but her heart rolls away.

She is a voluminous contradiction
and within her my mad senses burn.
My scars grace her fingers and lips
she who laid them, can also forgive.

A frigid stroke of genius,
she turns the I against the self.
I accept these chains,
the shadow of overmorrow
decreasing the scope
of my good intentions.

I scream, a crack in the wall,
sutured but only just.
A blackbird scraps
the narrow aperture
of my receding gaze.

Once fallen I lose my grip.
I did not arrive only to settle.
I know she will leave me
with only morsels to follow
but still I come, again and again
like palinoia.

She dives halfway down
eyes cinched against the wind.
Her vintage dress rides up just so,
she is more wild than deliberate.

A pane, a pain, a reluctant pause.
Her grimy hands tug at my valuables
I give and she empties,
a chronic state of gall and wormwood.

11 thoughts on “Pinch Me Wordle #142 and #143

  1. Congrats and may your welcoming committee (family) celebrate with you 🙂

    As for the having trouble writing – well – you take 2 wordles, both which contain some highly interesting and difficult choices – you have them meet and greet and write an incredible piece here.

    I was pulled in right from the start and I’d end up just pulling out almost every line as being so exceptionally amazing, that well ….. this is great piece – I can see this woman … feel her presence …. what she does, how she moves – yes moves – so beyond well done Yves – you’ve created an awesome, strong piece. And the closing stanza? Wow! Just blows it all together and stitches it apart.

    1. Thank you Pat! It happened very quickly which is relief because I would have worried about it for months! Awww thank you I am glad you enjoyed the poem I am glad to have written something! You spoil me with your gorgeous words

  2. Best to you on your Citizenship. You have worked hard and long…
    And yet you know you will always be true to yourself. A wonderful title to add to all the others –

    It is so hard sometimes to accept all the bits that make us whole.
    Two wordles in one! A great poetic feat! Hugs!!

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