Wordle #140 “January 30th, 2016”

Week 140.png

My chest tightens, a deadbolt,
a sparrow rearranged in kudoclasm.
The nature of my misgivings
is as deep and voluminous as the story of man.
Who will seek me out
when I wed myself to darkness?

I slip into the periphery.
Electrified and abridged,
I bare my teeth at the sight
of your upturned heels.
There is no mercy to be found
between tricksters and thieves.
Who will bare my pain
when I fall absent?

Shafts of sunlight break over my naked heart.
I dream of aberrations, of waiting in silence
for possibilities that never fully appear.
Who will hear my screams
when they catch at the corners of my eyes?

I somaticize the intellectual,
the proverbial scraps
of a limitless unknown.
The promise of anything
less than absolute
does not diminish my grip.
Who will love me
in the wake of exposure?


2 responses to “Wordle #140 “January 30th, 2016”

  1. I’ve just completed a long journey that disconnected me from where I began to share my words. I’m back. It’s so wonderful to read your words again.

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