Writing Prompt #193 “A World Apart Part 2”

Race: Void

Species: Demon

Genders: 3 (male, female, hermaphrodite)

Gender Equality: Hermaphrodites are considered to have two souls and are thus considered special.

Lifespan: immortal

Alignment: chaotic good, chaotic neutral, chaotic evil (while never lawful they can be neutral but this is very rare)

Height: 1.8m-2.8m

Build: willowy

Language: multilingual (extensive travel): Somnium Loquar (Dream Speak) is their native language. Their written language uses runes which are similar to those used in Draconian. Kinesics (a form of sign language that the Void and Chaos use to communicate).

Skin Tone: lavender, light sapphire blue

Body Hair: none

Hair: humanoid hair types and textures: dreads are popular

Hair Color: white, grey, black, purple

Eye Color: sapphire, lilac, mulberry, magenta

Pupil: dragon

Nose: flat: vaguely defined: Void living underwater have gills

Ears: Dragon-like (see 2nd pair) http://img09.deviantart.net/a46d/i/2012/102/8/6/dragon_ears_by_iceglowactivatur-d4vxl95.jpg

Mouth: humanoid

Fingers and Toes: long with long talons: land Void have no webbing between: underwater Void have webbing between their fingers

Distinguishing Features: scales on the shoulders, lower legs and above the eyebrows: striations in a shade darker than their skin tone along the spine: horns dark red or dark purple with gold designs, the designs vary and are as individual as fingerprints (the horns most resemble those of the Markhor): underwater Void do not have horns and instead develop a naga-like tail with unique coloration: Voids’ eyes are a reflection of the abyss and looking into them can result in madness (it is for this reason that most Void choose to cover their eyes)

Anatomy Extra Info: nictitating eyelids: the ability to close their nostrils: adaptive anatomy not only can they regenerate lost limbs and organs but they can alter their limbs and organs to suit foreign environments

Genitals Male: 2 phalli and 2 testicles (the phalli are external on land-dwelling Void: the testicles are internal on both land and water dwelling Void)

Genitals Female: 2 breasts (humanoid): 2 vaginae

Genitals Hermaphrodite: 1 phallus: 2 internal testes: 2 ovaries: sometimes 2 breast

Sexual Maturity: 100 years

Reproduction and Mating: females never undergo menopause: estrous cycle is completely reabsorbed by the body: they always have fraternal twins: females control their fertility: sex drives vary greatly between individuals

Sexual Orientation: varies as it does with humans

Family Life and Child-rearing: children are raised communally: both parents are involved in child-rearing: children maintain a relationship with their parents after they’ve moved out (typically around the time of sexual maturity): after moving out travel is encouraged

Special Abilities: portal creation: spontaneous regeneration: immortality: enhanced senses

Latent Abilities: telepathy: astral projection: chaos magic: empathy: dream manipulation: mind control

Eyesight: 10 times better than humans: full spectrum color vision: darkvision: underwater vision

Smell: 50 times better than humans

Taste: 13, 000 taste buds

Hearing: 11 octaves (they can hear sonar)

Weaknesses: petrification, energy drains, paralysis, electricity

Diet: omnivorous

Hierarchy: The Void are social but like the Chaos they are largely unwilling to accept authority. Faction leaders are appointed by experience and change frequently.

History Brief Overview: The Void spontaneously came into existence with the introduction of their sun Discord just as every other living creature on the planet. They began with a population of 1000 specimens. Unlike the Chaos who began life as little more than animals, they began life “evolved”. Due to a lack of natural resources and a largely hostile environment they chose to make their homes underground, using the caves for shelter. They choose their settlements, not based on family ties, but on philosophical ties, which is why their settlements are always associated with a faction. Not all Void belong to a faction. A small settlement exists in the underwater caves of lake Lachryma called “Scabrous” that has no designated faction. The are also large numbers of Void spread out over the multi-verse and several rogues living in voluntary isolation in smaller caves.

Due to their tremendous healing abilities it has not been necessary for the Void to develop much in the way of medicine, they have however developed a number of mind-altering substances for both recreation and spiritual practice. They borrow technology from the places they visit (sometimes improving on it) so they have the means of heating, preserving, and refrigerating their food. They have a power source that simulates the function of electricity. They have running water but prefer to bathe outdoors. They do not have explosive weapons. They have collected a large number of musical instruments, art/writing supplies, and books during their journeys. Their homes are colorful and eclectic.

Race: The Tide

Species: The Tide

Genders: fluid

Gender Equality: All are equal.

Lifespan: They exist outside of time.

Alignment: They observe without aligning.

Height: N/A

Build: amorphous

Language: perfect telepathy

Skin Tone: They do not have skin but they do come in a wide variety of colors.

Body Hair: N/A

Hair: N/A

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: N/A

Pupil: N/A

Nose: N/A

Ears: N/A

Mouth: N/A

Fingers and Toes: N/A

Distinguishing Features: They are formless pools of light and color.

Anatomy Extra Info: They can assume any shape.

Genitals Male: N/A

Genitals Female: N/A

Sexual Maturity: N/A

Reproduction and Mating: The Tide do not reproduce, they interact. DNA provides valuable information.

Sexual Orientation: N/A

Family Life and Child-rearing: N/A

Special Abilities: perfect telepathy: empathy: morphing (including the ability to become invisible or to be visible by selection): epiphany (a glimpse into the workings of the universe)

Latent Abilities: They can assume the abilities of others.

Senses: perfect perception

Weaknesses: They can neither be created nor destroyed.

Diet: N/A

Hierarchy: All are equal. All are one.

History Brief Overview: The Tide existed before the universe, they are and ever will be. They observe. Anyone who attempts to worship them soon forgets and loses interest.


13 responses to “Writing Prompt #193 “A World Apart Part 2”

  1. I enjoyed this exercise and reading about your creatures. I hope to participate in more of these prompts. I’ve been working a lot (like 60 hours a week a lot) and sadly, this means my writing tends to get put on the back burner.

  2. I enjoyed your take yves and I used it as a guide to try my hand at the task….it is a great challenge and took me some time and a bit of license to get thru it all…

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