Wordle #132 “December 5th, 2016”

Week 132.png

A bellwether by orientation,
you loosen the parentheses
surrounding my designations.

Flattery is empty without bias.
Fragile as prayer,
I wring my hands white.
Broken as course,
I bury my tongue
in the groove of your smile.

I fill my handbag with clutter,
with the inexhaustibles
of everyday circumstance.
Marrow and gasoline,
lime and porcelain
at our best we are only an echo.

I eat of your nuance
of your Faustian wiles.
How much can I spare
before I become intangible?
How much will I spare
in the exaltation of greed?

There comes a time
when it is too late.
I circle three times
and cross myself twice.
All you left was an impression,
an indelible smudge, ½ inch wide
and intermittently malignant.

This one was tough I felt like I was trying to solve a cryptoquote haha. On another note is it possible to suffer from too many dreams? I don’t mean dreams as in ambitions but more like nighttime cinema. I dream very heavily and it seems to me that I am dreaming from the moment I close my eyes until the moment I wake up. My dreams are so busy and so packed with information that I feel exhausted by morning and I look it too. I have psychopomp dreams as you know helping people cross over and those take all night and they are draining but lately I have been obsessed with this dead planet. It isn’t always completely dead but it invariably ends up dead.


20 responses to “Wordle #132 “December 5th, 2016”

  1. Funny how, I keep looking at this week’s wordle and thinking …. this is “too easy” … which means it’s too “tough” …. like there should be some heavy and dark meaning in this word selection?!??

    The Queen of the Wordle strikes again 😉

    Interesting poem Yves, and despite the “energy” of the words (in the wordle) which seem disassociated (are they like a group of strangers thrown together in some sort of psychological support counselling session for some unnamed addiction??!) – you’ve managed to write this piece with your usual precision. Well done 🙂

    As for your dreams? I do hope you manage to get some much needed rest soon – I often “lucid” dream – splitting myself into different “me” – the dreaming one, the one who is watching the dream, the one in the actual dream …. and even as I’m waking up, the damn things still unfold, play out and unravel with film like clarity – which makes it all totally surreal and to be honest, exhausting and annoying. It’s like living in multiple realities in waking time – which means either I’m completely crazy – mad as the hatter – or who knows??

    • With the Wordles I never know what to expect. Sometimes I find the simplest word the most challenging to fit in, sometimes I make a 360 half-way through, sometimes it flows so readily I feel more like a messenger dictating than an originator. I can never tell by looking at the words how it will turn out either. I just have to write and then I know if it is tough or not. I can also never guess the direction the Wordle is going to take everyone else, that makes the Wordles really fun to read. You guys are so ingenious. My dreams are very vivid as well, very heavy which is hard to explain but they feel important somehow. I told hubbie last night it was his turn to have the planet dream lol Neither of us ended up having the planet dream but personally I think he is better equipped to solve their environmental issues than I am 😛

      • True … true …. the wordles …. ah how they stack up … of course, since you prepare them ahead of time, like most things, the mindset at the time of creation isn’t necessarily going to be the same when it is actually up and posted …. and as you’ve said …. the direction of the writing? who knows.

        Like most things, we tend to struggle or write easily – and then, there is the flopping flapping when we’re the fish trying to “avoiding the landing” … and nothing seems as it is …. so, generally, I must say, the wordles are definitely a most interesting and challenging game of word play 😜

        I recall many of the conversations we’ve had about your dreams and your dreaming state …. and yes, I can understand how you must feel – these symbolism and weight can be truly tiring! LOL@hubby being better “equipped” to solve their environmental issues.

        Sometimes, when I’m plagued by repetitive dreams, I actually ask that they give me a break, at least for a few hours or days …. and sometimes, it works …. and I am relieved of the tensions and stress ….. but sometimes, the messages are too brash and demanding ….

      • I have so many prepared in advance that by the time I schedule the Wordle I am just as surprised as anybody else about what’s on it (sometimes I am even shocked) and as you said whatever mood I was in when I created it has long since past. Likewise whatever associations I might have made vanish as it takes several months before that Wordle becomes available for writing. At one point I think I had a 2 year supply and obviously I can’t keep all that in my head lol I can’t even tell you what happened 5 minutes ago, I might have been writing this comment! While I was only teasing him he seriously asks for details and he will ultimately work out some solutions. He likes working through various scenarios and often asks for such scenarios before bed because he has less nightmares when he is problem solving. What you said before about having multiple lives really fits. Honestly I feel like I am traveling!

      • Such is the life of a wordle creating wordsmith! 😉

        Well, if hubby has the skill to work on solving troublesome problems (even if they are only aspect of dreams) in his sleeping state …. then three cheers! Besides, sometimes, the findings discovered and available in the subconscious mind can really offer the “missing pieces” in the day to day.

        Ugh …. it’s like being split between multiple realms …. when it’s happening, at least for me, it’s completely annoying – I literally feel like I have one foot “here” and the other “there” …. sometimes, it’s even a physical sensation …. totally odd. So yeah, maybe I am completely insane? And should just accept this with grace and an odd smile? LOL 😵

      • lol I am very clever at detecting dreams. Once I get that I am dreaming I can really sink into it. So I get how it can feel like you are right there. Sometimes it is like I am conscious in my unconsciousness. I am quite curious and brave when I am dreaming unlike real life where I am shy and anxious. I can walk right up to that axe-welding maniac and be like “What’s your name? What’s with the slash and chop routine?” Once I know about the dream I want to see everything and I have so many questions. Sometimes my mind puts up walls that I can’t move beyond and I find that annoying. I enjoy dreaming, I have very interesting dreams. Not too many of the everyday grind sort. But when I get stuck on something in a dream or when I feel like I am not getting any actual rest then I get cross haha

      • ROFLMAO@what’s with the slash and chop ……

        well praise be then that in reality you would shy away from such considerations!

        to sleep … perchance to dream … or at the very least, dig in and chase down the nutters etc. …. sorry, I’m still laughing at your cavalier sentencing 😜

      • LOL …. I can understand the implications and complications of possible comedic, or not, disasters …. but sometimes healthy curiosity is quite satisfactory …. just ask most cats 😉

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