Writing Prompt #191 “A World Apart Part 1”

I decided to elaborate on my planet some more. Namely put in a few places of interest in each town. I am sort of thinking of it like a video game.

Empty Cell

1. Faction Headquarters– Offers classes on magic, martial arts, history, philosophy, music etc. Daily lectures. Rooms for rent. A fully outfitted gym.

2. The Queer and the Plastered– A popular local tavern.

3. The House of Empty Doors– Caters to pleasures of the mind, body, and spirit.

4. The Orpheum of Unapparent Woe– Offers live theater.

5. The Hall of Curiosities– An interactive art museum. You can walk right into the paintings.

6. The Demented Cipher– A magic shop that caters heavily to the dark arts.

7. The Willful Marionette– Sells lifelike dolls everything from puppets to androids.

8. Chimera– A neighboring Void settlement that specializes in dream magic. They have a hotel called Dream Cage (empaths shape your dreams to your specifications!). They also have a bar with live music called Cosmogonic Waltz.

9. Constellation Obscura– A marketplace

10. The Amaranthine Pursuit– A host club

11. The Temple of Ocanthus– No one knows who built it. Most believe its haunted.

12. The Weeping Mandolin– A restaurant with live entertainment.

13. Circus Surreal– A circus where the performers employ Chaos magic.


1. Faction Headquarters– Classes with a focus on technology, Chaos magic, and Zui Quan. Lectures tend toward psychotic ramblings.

2. The Sinkhole– The most popular bar.

3. The Bloody Fist– A cage-fighting arena and training ground. No magic allowed.

4. Dirigibles– Rent or purchase a dirigible.

5. The Possibility Machine– Allows you to test out “what if” scenarios.

6. The Cerulean Roost– An inn.

7. The Unending Bazaar– The largest market in Fallow Farce. Specializes in gadgetry of all kinds.

8. The Vacuum– Rent your own sensory deprivation pod for deep relaxation!

9. The Laughing Coffin– A haunted house with real monsters/ghosts!

10. The Puzzle Box– A store that sells puzzle boxes. Once unlocked the box opens a 2-way portal to a random dimension.

11. The Smoldering Lotus– A brothel.

12. Temple of the Demented Eremite

Mourning Cell

1. Faction Headquarters– Offers a selection of classes (art, music, martial arts, sex, past life regression, meditation, communication etc.). They also offer frequent lectures on life after death and reincarnation.

2. The Temple of Broken Silences– The place where the dead are prepared and funerals are held.

3. Valkyrie– A popular tavern.

4. The Eidolon- An art museum of haunted and possessed art.

5. Mercurial– An art museum where the art itself is in a continuous state of flux.

6. Twisted Mistress– A S&M Club.

7. House of Tricks– A theater that features dreams.

8. The Black Iris– A tattoo parlor where you can get magical tattoos.

9. The Tertiary Pen– Is an art supply and stationary store.

10. The Bloody Carousel– An amusement park with a Gothic vibe.

11. Echo Wire– A concern hall.

12. Bazaar of Indiscriminate Paraphernalia– A marketplace with a variety of goods.

13. The Valley of Shadows– A public garden that offers a wide selection of edible fruits.

14. The Clockwork Automaton– A museum of extremely realistic automatons.

15. The Disgruntled Pheasant– A bar that serves earth-like food.

13th Dimension

1. Faction Headquarters– Offers classes on potion making, astral projection, mysticism, Chaos magic.

2. Three Sheets to the Wind– A popular pub

3. Athenaeum– A huge Escherisk library

4. Animus– A potion shop that sells aphrodisiacs from all over the multiverse.

5. The Antechamber– An inn where you can rent your own pocket portal.

6. Halcyon– A garden designed to look like the planet does during halcyon.

7. Bete Noire– A huge maze. The monster represents what you most fear and desire. Once you enter the maze the monster will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.

8. The Opalescent Heart– A brothel.

9. The Bazaar of Material Entanglement– A marketplace.

10. The Unbinding Covenant– A school for all ages.


1. Faction Headquarters– Members have their own personalized sleeping pods that record their dreams. Members can set their dreams to public or private. Public dreams can be viewed by renting a pod (membership not required).

2. The Chirping Violet– A popular local tavern.

3. The Oubliette– A dungeon-style night club.

4. The Retro Sphere– Takes earth rpg games such as Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Diablo etc. and turns them into reality. As an adventurer you set the difficulty level (noob, novice, intermediate, expert). At the expert level serious injury and death can occur. Anything collected inside the game can be removed from the game on exiting. The higher the level of difficulty, the better the prizes. Note: Beverages and food eaten within the game provide real sustenance.

5. The Glade of Infinite Nothings A large underground forest (synthesized by Chaos magic). The forest has two settings fantasy and nightmare. The fantasy setting is a great place to relax, hang out, and/or meditate. The nightmare setting serves as a training ground.

6. A Stitch in Time– A single-occupancy bar. The bartenders specialty is memory retrieval/disposal. The bartender serves only two beverages “Anamnesis” which allows the client to perfectly recall a desired memory (the client doesn’t even have to know which memory they want, the memory they most need is what will be recalled). The 2nd drink “Amnesia” allows the client to forget a memory.

7. The Flophouse– A communal sleeping center. Free of charge.

8. Chrysalis– A body modification shop. Add or subtract appendages! Technological Implants! Lobotomies! Become a completely new species!

9. The Wistful Coquette– A host club.

10. The Antiquary– A large shopping center that sells everything from clothing to ancient artifacts. From specimens in jars to art supplies. From sex toys to produce.

Scabrous is located under lake Lachryma. There is no associated faction. A special breathing apparatus that plugs directly into the nostrils is provided for those who cannot breathe underwater.

1. The Roving Tentacle– Explore the depths of lake Lachryma!

2. The Brawling Octopus– The local tavern

3. Warehouse of the Unspeakable– A large research facility.

4. The Skein– Is an elaborate maze that continuously rewrites itself. It is located around Cthulhu’s Fortress.

5. Anathema– Is a bar completely impenetrable by magic (both esoteric and technological). Those with strong psychic powers go here to relax and tune out.

6. The Forbidden Mirror– Mirrors have long been thought to be portals to other dimensions but there are just some places we are not meant to go. Step inside if you dare! Not everyone comes back and those who do never speak of it.

7. The Cock and the Corkscrew– Don’t let the quirky name fool you this a restaurant and one of the best to be found in Fallow Farce.

8. Caravansary– A hotel and bar

9.The Dynamic Effigy– A museum of living sculpture.


1. Faction Headquarters- Offers a selection of courses (art, music, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi etc.). They have frequent lectures on a wide variety of topics. Rooms to rent.

2. Frimbia Terrenus– A popular local tavern

3. Desiderata– A marketplace for day to day essentials such as food, clothing, and basic tools.

4. The Inconceivable Muse– An art gallery that features objects taken from dreams.

5. Dreaming in Ether– An observatory

6. Bloodflower– A popular night club

7. Faire Caresse– A spa and massage parlor

8. Virtuoso de Pneuma– A small bar featuring live poetry and music.

9. Coppermouth– A fetish shop.

10. Asylum of the Obscure– Some speculate this is a research facility, others an asylum.

Bedlam’s Razor

1. The Ruins of Naesihr and The Torn Clock– Adjusting the time on the clock causes Fallow Farce to move either forwards or backwards in time.

2. Scrap Heap Sculptures- Strange mechanical devices occasionally appear in the desert, The Chaos of Bedlam\s Razor collect them and put them into sculptures.

3. Insurrection– The local tavern.

4. The Devil’s Advocate– A brothel.

5. The Den of Incomprehensible Relics– A trading post set up by the Void to facilitate trade with their neighbors. So far it hasn’t been very successful.

Harlequin’s Mirror

1. Faction Headquarters– Abandoned. A shelter for travelers who need a free room in the desert.

2. Harlequin’s Mirror– Appears as an ornate mirror but it is actually a portal. The portal leads to a completely mad world inhabited by pantomimes. The mirror was designed by the residents of Harlequin’s Mirror to derange the senses.

3. The Reaper of Souls– An institution that offers anti-therapy which is to say a specially trained “therapist” exacerbates all your problems!

4. Derelict’s Cabal– A bar.

Delirium’s Door

1. Delirium’s Door– The local tavern.

2. Ocanthus’ Bramble– A dense briar patch labyrinth that is the suspected home of the God Ocanthus.

3. Velvet Mystique– A brothel.

Cerebral Chasm

1. Conduit of Dismemberment– Is a tavern with long twisting corridors, many of the corridors lead to dead ends or to strange rooms. A lot of the decor is made of bone and animal skins.

2. Fortress of Sorrow– A black fortress with no apparent entrance.

Maelstrom’s Cabal

1. Xazxuhr’s Tavern

2. Lusus Naturae– A portal that summons powerful demons for combat training.

3. Maelstrom’s Looking Glass– A portal that leads to a random body of water. Maelstrom’s Cabal is located in the most inhospitable area of the desert.


Writing Prompt #191 “A World Apart Part 1”

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This week we are doing something a little bit different you are going to create a fictional landscape/dreamscape. For those of you worried about the collages there are still more to come in future installments!

Step 1 is the setting. If you don’t feel comfortable creating a place from scratch you can use a preexisting place such as Hogwart’s Academy, Venus, Toronto, your local coffee shop, The Shire, Sigil, Gotham etc.

Or in more generic terms you can describe/create
A planet
A city
A village
A school
A hospital
An institution
A playground
A household
Basically any place you can think of

For this first exercise you don’t need to describe the inhabitants in detail, the religious or philosophical beliefs, the government/codes of conduct because that will come in later installments. For this first exercise I just want you to focus on the appearance and qualities of the…

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Wordle #277


I watch your face
tremulous and yellow
where I left it spinning
in haphazard momentum
mere inches above my own.

I trace the air above your foul smile,
the abhorrent instinct to return
blow for blow all that you have taken.
There are no answers only eventualities.

You ruined me and I allowed it.
I have made a sport out of failure.
There’s no high in winning
when it is only a fluke anyhow.

I count them out in your hand
1-2-3 little pink pills
and soon you’ll be as numb as a board.
I am the only one left who believes
that feelings are necessary.
(at least you don’t hit when you sleep)

Tomorrow when you’re all bare bones and gristle
you’ll find your way back to the hate
that has sustained us all these years.
Tomorrow I’ll leave quick and holy
without so much as a eulogy.

Wordle #277


They turn their backs as I enter
faces joined, conversation piecemeal.
I think they mean to hurt me
and not wholly in the anatomical sense.
I fear only my bastard reflexes.
Though they do not recognize me
I understand them to be “human”.

I search for light behind the red door
in the patterns and paraphernalia
of their inarticulate chatter.
Sometimes the most we can
hope for is to be forgotten.
I brush the residue
of their horizontal gazes
from my psychic variables.

I wake up dead in a thicket of shadows.
Screeching and heaving I reload,
another file, another serum, another net to plait.
My heart is callused with frustration
and I think it means to hurt me.
I too am “human”
though I would like to refute that designation.

Wordle #132 “December 5th, 2016”

Week 132.png

A bellwether by orientation,
you loosen the parentheses
surrounding my designations.

Flattery is empty without bias.
Fragile as prayer,
I wring my hands white.
Broken as course,
I bury my tongue
in the groove of your smile.

I fill my handbag with clutter,
with the inexhaustibles
of everyday circumstance.
Marrow and gasoline,
lime and porcelain
at our best we are only an echo.

I eat of your nuance
of your Faustian wiles.
How much can I spare
before I become intangible?
How much will I spare
in the exaltation of greed?

There comes a time
when it is too late.
I circle three times
and cross myself twice.
All you left was an impression,
an indelible smudge, ½ inch wide
and intermittently malignant.

This one was tough I felt like I was trying to solve a cryptoquote haha. On another note is it possible to suffer from too many dreams? I don’t mean dreams as in ambitions but more like nighttime cinema. I dream very heavily and it seems to me that I am dreaming from the moment I close my eyes until the moment I wake up. My dreams are so busy and so packed with information that I feel exhausted by morning and I look it too. I have psychopomp dreams as you know helping people cross over and those take all night and they are draining but lately I have been obsessed with this dead planet. It isn’t always completely dead but it invariably ends up dead.

Writing Prompt #189 “Bonus”

Phylors Collage .jpg

Art: Livestock Steve Bartlett. Far Right Image Michael Cheval

Where do dreams go once performed?

I fold marbles into scraps of sunlight,

thunderstruck and intermittent they collide.

The doors of the mind

slide from side to side

according to their conceit.

I take an empty book

and weep islands into the spine.

There is a beast in me,

that is both profound and docile

it neither sleeps nor rouses

but waits patiently

for the universe to undress.

I have too many answers.

Direction-less and without construct

I would never knowingly ask.

I follow each parachute

as it plummets to the ocean

sick with air, sick with inertia.

She practices voodoo by the seashore.

I strip down to the allegro, to the interstices,

to the hollows greedy with vibration.

I am reality, the application, the seer

pregnant and heavily veiled.

Where do words go when

they’ve outlived their sentiment?

I slip surreptitiously from

one constellation to the next

nirvana split and voluptuous like a peach.