Wordle #130 “November 21st, 2016”

Week 130.png

Within each heart a rathskeller,
a chamber tethered between
the spontaneous and the habitual.
End to end, our antipodes tremble.

You are a stack of letters
rubbed to cinder
beneath coils of fire.
I am a television, a ransom note
scrawled in carnations.

You gather my freckles
underneath your fingertips.
I stroke your conclusions
and restructure the flow.
We open, two margins
pulled together by need.

I remain innocuous
despite years of acedia.
You force me close,
we exchange elixirs and enigmas.
(I am in love with you nuance.)

You are striking,
a four-cornered god
encasing my orgasma.
You infuse, I devour.


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