Wordle #275


For you lies were like keys
unfastening righteous patterns
and hearts flat with failure.

Once you held the ends to my means.
Now it takes work just to breathe.
I call out to you but only from a distance.

Do you still feed the stars
when no one’s watching?
Do you still drop your voice
whenever you undress?

A miraculous mistake,
you came naturally enough.
Dreams have the lowest pain threshold.

On your way out be sure to ascend
and leave me with your mythos intact.
So long as I sleep I can still be happy.

A quick scribble while listening to sappy love songs.


10 responses to “Wordle #275

  1. So much more than a scribble – feeding stars is such a captivating image and yes..sometimes breathing alone is hard..let’s stay in those good dreams for a while

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