Birthdays, Internships, and Tiny Pants

Today is my birthday! Today is also the 2nd day of my internship at the Plastic Factory. I am not sure if I told you but I have an internship for 4 hours, 3 to 4 days a week. I really don’t know how to explain what I am doing precisely. I am making things, parts for milk machines etc. I am working a lot with my hands and there is a lot of fine motor skills involved. I don’t have fine motor skills per se. I was warned that many develop full on blisters on every finger after the first day! I didn’t thankfully possibly because my fingertips are as rough as any man I ever met from cleaning. They are sensitive though and sometimes numb which makes it a little tricky to grip small parts. Everyone has been absolutely lovely to me at the factory. The hardest thing I have done is pulling a rubber band border over a plastic form with rather sharp edges 381 times. Now that was hard on my fingers and while I don’t care about my nails that much they are probably going to get very scrapped up. I hope this will improve my fine motor skills and grip strength (which is pathetic). I am not sure how I will feel once I am several weeks in, this type of work is repetitive and who knows what sort of crippled state my hands might find themselves in. I do enjoy making things though. I have no idea how fast or slow I am for a beginner. The internship ends January 31st and my caseworker says it cannot lead to a job, so there is a finite time-line. This is a way to test myself though and see how a part-time job would feel. I still work one day a week cleaning. My contract is up in November and I am anxious to see if they will want to renew it.

I am having trouble figuring out my new schedule. Like for example when am I supposed to write? When can I do laundry which I hate and takes forever. Stuff like that.

Apparently I am getting a uniform for this job which I hadn’t counted on since it is finite. I have had a little problem with the sizing though. I always wear the same size. I have done for a long time now and I wear it in different stores with different brands but when I told my boss my size he seemed confused. He gave me a pair or men’s small pants to try on but they were too big even with the thermal pants I was wearing underneath. Then he found one in the size I requested and they were so small, so unbelievably small. He even said the pants were super small. I actually held them together with my own pants and they were several inches smaller despite supposedly being the same size. I tried them on over my thermal pants and my god were they tight. I could button them but that size would not work. Even if I took off the thermal pants I was wearing I can’t imagine they would be comfortable. I wear my thermal pants with my regular pants just fine, actually they keep me from needing a belt. Anyway I feel quite embarrassed and I am still not sure how much under the usual store size those pants were. He ordered the next size up but were they really only one size too small? Maybe they were two. I don’t know. I should have taken off the thermal pants to see because my thermal pants are too big and they bunch up a lot but I need them in winter and need pants to accommodate them. I am going to have lose some weight! I really don’t like to discuss my clothing sizes anyways. I don’t like to wear too small clothes either. The whole incident has made me feel super self-conscious and I honestly did not mean to lie about my size. I wish there had been a sizing chart that I could have looked at before I opened my stupid mouth.

33 responses to “Birthdays, Internships, and Tiny Pants

  1. Happy Birthday Yves 🙂 I hope the day ends well and you get a chance to celebrate as you really wish, in the company of friends, family and loved ones, and that all of your birthday wishes come true – for the year to come!

  2. Well I did wish you a happy birthday earlier and now I’m pleased to see you have a job to go to even if it has a finite end…..I once ordered two pairs of pants the same size. One fitted like a glove, believe it or not, and the other I am convinced was mislabled as they were far too small…

  3. Happy Birthday a day late – mine was last month.

    New beginnings are always challenging, especially when you know they are going to end. Odd that. I’ve had too many part-time jobs and and happily semi-retired. I was not one who never had to work – and did so full or part time most of my life (started baby-sitting when I was 9 or 10). The best job was the last few years when I watched my grands pretty much full time and got paid in hugs and kisses. I am still called into service when the school schedule challenges that family’s plans.

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