Wordle #124 “October 10th, 2016”


The vitrification of tears
on a chance encounter,
a cygnet grey and adrift
falters underneath a veil of corruption.

I draw the bandage
until the underlying muscle turns blue.
What good is a heart that lessens
for fear of the inexplicable hereafter?

I am not bold or righteous.
An emergency frail as the fringe on fennel
I cater to my wounds, to my devices,
running myself ragged in circles.


5 responses to “Wordle #124 “October 10th, 2016”

  1. I was wondering myself how to stick in some of the odd words.
    I think there will be a few grey cygnets floating around.

    Too often we feel like we are going in the hamster wheel of life.
    But we can and will get free!

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