A cinematic drift,
an appellation voiced without consent,
a feint of predilection.
From umbilicus to navel
we exchange ourselves.

Sehnsucht is the only future left.
I’d rather be a verb than a noun,
a codex of formidable integers
that glisten at mirage-like intervals.

I cannot express this pain,
the air settles in my lungs
like minerals, each word
a sob more threadbare
than its predecessor.

I barricade myself,
an unlit corridor
chased with doors
that neither open nor close.

19 thoughts on “Wordle #120 “September 12th, 2016”

      1. There’s fun and then there’s serious what the hell is wrong with you crazy. I think you are mistaking the male version of fun for craziness. It’s not maniac, therefore not really crazy

      2. I am not sure if I totally understand the direction this conversation is taking. I can’t tell if you are teasing/joking or if I offended in my previous comment (no facial expressions and no tone of voice for guidance in written dialogue). It wasn’t my intention to stereotype or make generalizations about either of the genders. People are people. There is fun/crazy/silly/animated which I enjoy. My husband and daughter are both very playful/silly. I have also met people of the maniac, psychotic, scary crazy variety. Again I have witnessed maniac episodes in both genders. Actually in the two people I have in mind now I can’t say gender made any difference in their reactions.

      3. If you mean the hysterical/irrational/shrieking crazy that is sign of mental illness or trauma not gender. I mean we all lose our shit/temper sometimes but if someone is trapped in a state of fight or flight there is something wrong. I grew up with manic depressives (m/f), psychopaths (m/f), and a paranoid schizophrenic (male only) so I have seen some pretty terrifying adult tantrums.

      4. My sister has had maniac periods.i have seem dark periods and their toll. I hope you have reached an equilibrium with the issues and stresses. All of us lose control at times, I agree.

      5. I have never been diagnosed with manic depression myself but it runs in my family. My mom has it, my grandmother had it and then of course their our other relations too. I have PTSD, Depression, Body Dysmorphia and Dissassociative Disorder. My moods have actually gotten a lot more stable since I started treatment for Menorrhagia and stopped all other meds, who knew birth control was the best medicine!

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