We have finally finished up in the hallway. There is still some cleaning to be done but here it is in all its pinkness.

This is how it was before. Well before we lived here because this is the former occupants furnishings. The wallpaper is a very light green and it was worn out. The floor is 70s linoleum green.


Another shot down the hall you can see the old lights.


Hallway Hatrack Censored

Sam took the photos that blob was me in the kitchen folding laundry but I just can’t bare to see myself. Sam did all the stencil work it is only his 2nd time stenciling. Encase you wonder about the buckets in the corner they are actually for winter so melt snow from the driveway.


For the wall with the stairs we just went a light pink no pattern

Hallway Pink

It is so happy and warm in the hallway now =)


10 thoughts on “Hallway

  1. For a minute there, I thought the blob was a black hole that had found its way into your home! How cool would that have been? Your very own housebound cosmological phenomena! (Lovely home by the way!) 🙂

    1. Getting rid of the green linoleum floor was a definite plus, the light green on the wall wasn’t a bad color just a little blah and a little weathered. I was surprised when Sam decided on pink but the way the light enters it feels like you are standing inside a sunset. I do have a Bohemian style although for years I just wore black. Anyhow I can’t see very well in low light so I have to have super strong lighting and light bright colors otherwise my eyes are essentially decorative. It is so dark and grey in Sweden much of the year we both felt we needed some happy colors inside. I hate the color white, lots of Swedes just paint everything white inside but it feels too clinical for me plus with a small child it doesn’t look good for long.

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