Writing Prompt #175 “Double Feature!”

Today’s collage was created by Laura Bloomsbury be sure to stop by her blog! The color photo is mine and free for use.

The quote comes from the opening lines of Cirilo Bautista’s poem translation by Jose Reyes “Don’t you know that a mountain is nothing but smoke?”

You drip from the railings,
carnivorous with fear
and livid with retaliation.
Veils of mist soak
through our clothing.

I am saving you for myself.
If only you were more or less.
How does one choose between
absence and entreaty?

We walk the pier
end to end and repeat.
The scent of fish salts the air.
The sound of your boots
is capricious and ordinary.

Have I ever told you
the means by which I determine worth?
We have as many faces
as there are conditions to utility.

I tend mountains
in an ubiquitous rain.
You love me only as deep
as I am willing to take you.

I have no sense of propulsion
repetition soothes me.
Reality was only ever intended as a joke
but here we stand
a garden of egos, aghast.

Under a stone bridge
the teller pockets
clusters of iridescent pupa.
Nothing compares
to the beauty of the unborn.