259 New

I twist flowers into song,
broken glass into pages,
dreams into cannons.
The cavity of your affection
swallows all that is idle in me.

The mirror runs with perspiration,
angry flesh, eyes cupped
I prefer not to address
the source of my malcontent.
If only I could hate you
just a little bit more.

We never finish our sentences,
promises thrust in necessity,
family is not a valid excuse.
I sew confetti into books,
into the scraps and hollows
of my calcifying flesh.

How many ribs does it take
to fasten a cage?
Unfettered and maudlin
I grill hearts, medium rare
over a cool blue flame.

We board separate trains.
We lead lives of revulsion.
We check our suitcases at the door
but our baggage never ceases
to empty and encumber us.

Have I done this Wordle I am not sure since the image was already in my library I assume so, another attempt in that case. I am still processing and I don’t have access to my usual reserves. A friend of mine wrote to me and she had some very lovely words to say about my writing and I thought I would give it go before I rust completely shut.

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