Wordle Special Addition Scent “August 8th, 2016”

Scent Wordle

I pluck the sunshine
from your hair-
redolent and chaffing-
I inhale until it burns.

We sit perpendicular to each other,
hearts partially open.
You hang your lips from my ear
this is how it all begins
with a whisper.

The scent of peppermint
crouches between your lips.
You are pure, antiseptic, a dream
within a bouquet of glass.

The exhaust of exsanguinated stars
lingers on your skin, the musk of angels,
of jasmine and sulfur.
You have eaten of the heavens,
of her fruits fertile with incense.

We stand, unremitting, around a fire
an acrid smoke creeps into our clothing.
The earthy fetor of the rain-sodden dirt
trampled down by our indignation.

The scent of coffee,
of sheets sudor-wept
steadies my pulse.
Morning wakes with us,
slips from our fingers
as soon as we open the door.

I always get a little scared to write when I haven’t done so in awhile. I started this one a week ago but I just could not get it. I am not sure if I ever did get it but I gave it go.