Some Not So Exciting Photos

Old Storage Room

So here is how the storage closet was right after they removed the furnace. The paint looks bad, there are pipes coming out of the ceiling, there is literally a hole through the wall to the outside. We did not change the concrete floor because it is a storage closet where we store weed whackers and such so it didn’t really make sense, we just sealed it. In this photo our stuff has been removed and in the new photos it has been restored.


Hubby built some new shelves with some old doors, aka the lighter colored shelves. At the moment we are storing all of our paintings and family photos there because we haven’t hung anything. We also have tons of packing boxes. In the huge Rusta box is all our daughter’s old school books, work, and art which I just organized today. Though you don’t see it the baseboard was fixed. We’ve also mounted our rakes, weed whacker, and winter shovels woot! The other shelves has like our Christmas stuff, including our sad plastic tree that actually might be older than we are. Sewing machine, fabric, some empty product boxes lol So now you see our clutter. We have another closet with sport stuff, not that we have much of that.
And here are the new lights in the hall (4 identical ones)! The hall is not finished or even started except for the lights and removing the baseboards because Sam has a stomach virus.