Busy Bee

House is in a state of upheaval at the moment. We are working on the storage closet which means everything had to come out. The laundry room is a disaster and I wonder how I am going to do any laundry this weekend (we need it too). We have painted. We have put up the base boards including adding additional baseboard where it was missing which we found in the attic (they left wood in the attic for my husband encase we would need it, they also left us some lights, curtain rods, blackout shades, a ladder, rakes, a water hose, a lawnmower, a large storage unit, various things for Sam in the garage, and all the appliances). We have put up the old shelves, properly anchored now. The shelves had actually been very loose I am surprised our shit didn’t just fall down! We have started with the second shelving unit, the brackets are up. Sam is making the shelves out of our old doors. Our in-laws had a surplus of doors and those were nicer than the ones we had so we used them (not enough for all doors though just a few). Anyhow aside from the shelves we have to replace the lights. We will be replacing the lights in the storage closet with the ones from the hallway. There is problem with the lights, however, the originals that came with the house are old and they…well I don’t understand but we have to buy some extra stuff to make modern lights hang on the ceiling.

So there is that. We have also officially decided to redo the hallway. We bought the beautiful floor, we bought the pink paint, we bought the horrifically expensive stencil (why so expensive?). The lights came in as well but again we can’t put them up without the stuff. We also discovered in removing the baseboard we will probably have to replace them. They are from the 70s and have been removed countless times for painting and such so they are pretty worn out. We didn’t expect that but that is how it turned out.

Did I mention I love my house!

Tomorrow’s also my mom’s birthday.