I keep telling myself that I am going to update you guys on my happenings but I keep procrastinating! As a result this post is going to be completely random and disorganized.

My mom has returned home but I don’t know anymore than that. She hasn’t really been keeping contact. I get the feeling and it really is just my own intuition that she is feeling very guilty, depressed, and resigned.

The furnace has been installed. We can take baths! We also finally got the bills. The electrical bill was outrageous. The removal of the old oil tank was handled very well. The workers were punctual, extremely fast/efficient, and the price was as advertised. The price of the furnace and the installation was lower than we expected, by a lot. The cost of the actual furnace was much less, which was a huge relief. Even with the unexpected bomb of the electrical bill it still came in like 32,000 kr less than we planned.

We are now thinking of putting those savings to use on repairing a rather expensive car issue.

We are also planning to renovate the storage room where they took out the old tank. Hubby has already repaired the holes in the wall from the removal of the tank and sealed the concrete floor. But we have also decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and put up some new shelves. The oil tank was enormous so we have lots of extra storage room now. Granted we don’t have all that much to store but it will certainly make things more roomy/organized.

We also have plans to redo the hallway. We have ordered some new lights for the ceiling, very gorgeous. We have found the perfect floor. Unless he changes his mind, hubby has decided to go with pink for the hallway and again he will do some stenciling. We will paint the hallway instead of using wallpaper because the hallways has weird fiberglass wallpaper that can’t easily be removed (actually it is easier to take out the walls than remove the shit). If we go through with that I will take pictures of the completed job. I can also take pictures of the storage closet for shits and giggles. We are just going to be using the leftover paint from the upstairs living room to paint it, rather than buy new paint.

We want to paint the inside of the house with bright colors to offset the long, dark winters.

We have decided not to paint the house this year. The weather is so iffy and we are running out of warm days. We haven’t planned well-enough and it is such a huge project for just the two of us. Hubby has decided he will not ask for help with the house painting. Since I have acrophobia that limits how much I can do and I feel it will be too much work for the hubsters.

I still can’t bring myself to contact my caseworker after our last disastrous meeting several months ago. I am really stressed out about the whole situation. I am interested in taking on more employment so I must contact her but it is proving very difficult for me at the moment. Once I am working I am good but getting a job, self-marketing, bureaucracy it’s just beyond me.

Also I am thinking of trying meditation.

I am sorry about he lack of writing. Honestly, it boils down to poor time management. Even though I have the luxury of time, I still do not seem to have enough time to do everything that I want to do. Where does all the time go?