Wordle #111

Week 111

Without notice I rise
from the folds of
an unsustainable moonlight
like a gurgle from a drowsing sea.
My hands without compensation,
my smile in shards
too supple to compress.

I steal into you,
with kisses effusive
the miasma of my being
sweeping the air
from your querulous lungs.
If we are what we eat
then we are the same.

I suck on your medulla
at the stitches darkening your shroud
death exists purely for the living.
When I am gone
from every conceivable landscape
I shall be everyone
I shall be alive.

I lack the facility
to endure greatness
half-way in
I upset your margins.
Your flesh spooling
like vermilion threads.
The ground never quite surfaces,
however deep the shame.

My heart is a poppet,
a promise unkeepable
precious and too green
to be of any use.
I sew it into hands,
into your mouth,
into the base and breadth
of your voluminous being.

Struggling with writing lately. I am also suffering eye fatigue hence the not being around much of late. I hate the dimness.


18 responses to “Wordle #111

  1. Sometimes when I was a teen and was supposed to be sleeping…and there was light from the night or lamp posts I’d get paper and just write larger 🙂

    You can also possibly get a tape recorder of some kind to record even just ideas that you want to expand. I can imagine it is challenging when one of your senses that you rely on doesn’t want to cooperate.

    ‘When I am gone
    from every conceivable landscape
    I shall be everyone
    I shall be alive.’

    We should not have to wait – to be gone- to be a part of all that landscape of that which we love. Be alive for yourself too, presently 🙂

    • I do need to consider getting a tape recorder really. We have ultra bright lights all over the house. My biggest challenge seems to be when the weather is grey because I am not getting enough sunlight and there isn’t as much contrast. So November is quite a challenging month! So true Jules!

  2. So much to say Bravo to in this, as usual–but I’ll just mention one: “flesh spooling like vermilion threads”–WOW WOW WOW…

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