Can any of us lay claim to these scars,

this wreckage which begets us

and abridges us for the sake of survival?

There is no blood in our roots

only the tenuous civility of strangers

dining in the same room.

Though the same eyes

memories betray us, like fingerprints.

When we are one, will I still exist

or, will I be someone else entirely?

No matter how lacking the divisible

it cannot but feel like death

to return into the great white nothingness

of one’s incipient consciousness.

I am accountable for you

in the same way that nature

must accommodate her protrusions.

That she may not drown

in the amniotic sac as I have done.

In my aggravation I have

encumbered much, mostly time.

Imagine compelling whole armies

to a war that does not exist.

I check my pulse

as she lay whispering

in the wash basin.

My dreams repeal each other,

and as I scramble to gather them

I can’t help thinking what is the point?

I cut loose the pocket from my dress.

The rumpled napkin

that is my anxious heart

falling in fathoms.

How old she is in comparison

to my other organs

and how utterly exhausted.

I watch her blooming,

spreading her red unpalatable seed

over the tile and she is deep,

a well of infinite negotiations.

One life for another and then another

until there isn’t anyone left

to perpetuate the illusion.

Another rejected piece. I am not upset by the rejections. I am satisfied with the poems I wrote for the magazines.


6 responses to “Reintergration

  1. A beautiful rejected piece I say. If I was to go by rejections my poetry vault would be empty 🙂 Your depth has no equal.

    • Awww thank you Hector! I think talent has very little to do with the rejections I think it is more a matter of timing. For example many magazines that I have seen have a theme and though it may not be specified (sometimes they do not even know themselves) they are often looking for specific topics. In the mags I see such a huge variation in quality some of the poems are outstanding and some only adequate but they fit together in such and such a way.

  2. This is another truly outstanding piece – there are such incredible thoughts and ideas expressed here – and the images you’ve created with such clear details contribute to the mood, ambiance and power of the expression 🙂

  3. Really must agree with other comments here, an outstanding piece! I adore the first verse, and the rest of it as well, especially this :”a well of infinite negotiations.”

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