Six for Wednesday ~ 4


I drag my tongue
over your wreckage
over the salty fragments
of our would-be happiness.
There are only bones
rubbed free of their elastics
and blood bright as cherry pie.

I am swelling, disparate
the song gathers in my lungs
like a siren’s lament.
If only I could shake
this terrible indifference,
this aversion to all matters
of consequence.
The apples have not ripened
and the cupboards
are sticky and bare.

I mean to devour you
as one ingests air
without notice or consideration,
to take all that is impervious
and rend it like the excess that it is.
I will give you neither the luxury
of exile nor the catharsis of death.

Your tears are oracles
scathing and confrontational
through your scars
I am made whole again.
The stars are coffin nails,
thorns in ego’s crown,
marbles in a child’s fists.

If ever I had a wish for us
I dare not speak of it now.
The moon is queer tonight,
see her looking, see her limping,
see her passing behind
trees raw as widow’s breath.


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