Wordle #248

Your scars gather around me
like an unholy fire.
I climb your length, your light
the consequence of my visions
closing me off like a prophet.

I am the catalyst, the predator hidden
behind a tussock of ill-begotten shade.
To the untrained eye
I am hilly and uncongenial
to you I am death
mute and incongruous.

Hope is as bare as bones,
hope is naked and incomprehensible
Hope is the only sin that is truly indelible.
How long can I tend
your hauteur, your sex,
your paradoxical heart
before I am consumed by them?

I am feeling especially stressed/uncertain these days and as a result I am unable to sleep. The no sleep thing is making it difficult for me to string my thoughts together. My internship which had been going well over all has taken an unfortunate turn. I’d rather not discuss the details on my blog but suffice to say I am both riled and disheartened. This poem has nothing to do with that but if you are wondering where I am.

14 responses to “Wordle #248

  1. Sorry to hear about your insomnia, I suffer from that too, it is so draining. I hope things get better for you real soon, that you overcome whatever difficulties you’re facing right now. Sending you positive vibes ❤

  2. Lack of sleep hasn’t disturbed your talent. I am no stranger to insomnia. Try to avoid all stimulants before bed. I use to watch the news, I stopped. Stay away from caffeine and try mediating to sleep. That helps big time for me.

  3. I know it sucks to hear your writing is amazing when you yourself are struggling with it, but I loved your poem, especially this part:”Hope is as bare as bones,
    hope is naked and incomprehensible
    Hope is the only sin that is truly indelible.”.
    I am sorry to hear your internship has taken a bad turn, I hope it is something that can be fixed.

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