Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup”

Alphabet Soup

You come as a deadfall
snuffing me suddenly
with a scurried squeak.
Ultimatums notwithstanding
I am still crushingly sensitive.
I deserve precisely this,
only this and nothing more.

The jaundiced moon
appears in flashes,
cloud-diver, oyster shell, mother.
I offer her my obeisance
and she in turn removes
the thrall of complexity.

Shawls of mud slide
from my shoulders.
I am naked, a xerarch.
My verse crumbles
rough and weedy against my lips.
Who will read these poems after I’ve died?
Who will remember you?

A branch rests bloody at your side,
or perhaps it is a rib-the cast
of our errors-preordained by heaven.
Your soul is a pumice stone,
your hands two weathered fences.
I want everything to do with you.

I watch the saliva dry on your tongue,
the wistful, upturned sea
held aloft in your irises.
Quill-driver, lachesist, kookaburra
the gristle crunches between your teeth
hard like the heel of an old boot.
The queer arabesque of your smile
strung up to cover our grief.

My fingers crack and itch,
I draw zigzags in the snow
until numb and bereft.
My pulse tremulous and dysphagic-
there are no apologies left to give-
we are consecrated, we are bliss
and yet the world keeps tearing off
little bits of my hair and flesh.
Yield and be done with it.
Yield and watch me transpire.

I didn’t dare do it in alphabetical order though I think I got all 26 words. I struggled with writing a good deal today, I am very distracted/disassociated.


10 responses to “Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup”

  1. You’re not the only distracted one this morning – my chest infection has returned. But I think we write best when we are troubled. You’ve made a great job of a tricky Wordle, Yves.

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  3. I could start digging into the gristle and hard bones of this piece – but I’m rather content to sit and absorb it – noting the fact that it’s the bonus wordle! to boot – so ahem, hefty hefty weight on so many planes.

    There are so many amazing lines … I’m like “wow, why couldn’t I think of something like that?” and then I say, “You’re not Yves!” So yeah, you have a powerful voice and style – love it. 😀

  4. I think you were focused. I see many great lines and images.
    I may interpret them differently than what you had in mind, but that is what every reader will do.

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