Six for Wednesday-2


My fingers pinch
your blue veins,
like the strings of a guitar.
There’s no music in you
only the dawn
edacious and indigenous
bubbling to the surface like caramel-
coating everyone in its sticky domicile.

I can tell by the cuts
on your fingers that you’ve been
smoothing your edges again
a waste of blood,
a waste of poultice
I have chosen recklessly
and I will die wild.

a short one today

What am I up too in summary
I dropped the course with the Unemployment Office, I had covered the material previously during University and just could not bring myself to do it again. I was finding the whole situation very stressful.

I have a job practice at an auto shop on Thursdays which could lead to a job. Of course I would need additional jobs since it is only the one day. I clean, it is dirty, hard-work but it is the sort of work you can let go of at the end of the day, it doesn’t follow you home and that’s the best bit (well the grease does haha). I have cleaned auto shops before as my stepdad owned one, never imagined that experience would be the only experience I have so far that has resulted in work!

Sam is in Stockholm at an accessibility conference. He was gone over night and should be back tonight, I miss him like crazy! Sorry for spelling errors, spellcheck is not working in English yet.


8 responses to “Six for Wednesday-2

  1. Can I just
    eat this?

    Or tattoo it
    on the skin of my

    I am as enamored of this
    as the smile of a river is
    of making love
    to cuts of

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