Wordle #105

Week 105

Your histories reveal themselves,
lacerating my illusions, my monachopsis
which has grown so much a part of me
that I can garner no space,
unoccupied by the monument of your needless egos.
You are in me and thus irretrievable.

I am left pressing philosophies
into the crevices of my overflowing mystique.
To be awake, a creature of interest,
a macrcocosm nuzzling infinite microcosms.
Why so wane? So inconspicuous? So repulsive?

The sky is cunning and weightless
her unattainable surfaces taunt me,
her great shrieking heart impresses and imposes.
I collapse as a star or a scrap of tinfoil.
If this is only malaise why does it terrorize?

Your smile browns
as it takes to the fire.
Death is without substitution,
without parallel.
I could be death,
death would suit you.

I hope you will bare with me as I learn to write again!


12 responses to “Wordle #105

  1. I collapse as a star or a scrap of tinfoil.

    I just love this image – what a great comparison!

  2. I am glad to hear you are taking the best out of Spring by letting your soul re-learn to write (not that you did not know it before!)

  3. “Your smile browns
    as it takes to the fire.”
    for an unknown reason this line reminds me of melting marsh- mellows…a sweet treat. We think we can eat the whole bag of puffed sugar browned by fire… forgetting moderation allows for the anticipation of the next time…whenever that may be – Hugs.

    Writing never leave us… sometimes we just forget to use paper or some other medium to express those thoughts. One word (step) at a time.

    I myself partially due to better weather am a few days behind on ‘Net’ issues. And I have a family weekend planned that will be taking up more ‘creative’ time so my reply to prompts might be a huge mash or just a bunch of little pieces very late.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment Jules! I tend to bottle it up when I don’t write which isn’t very healthy of me. Enjoy your weekend =) The prompts are always open and really there is no expiration on my prompts

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