Wordle #104

Week 104

The dawn comes-a needle crouching-
between her fat red lips,
ready to shore up my diversions.
Chrysalism rivals the Medusa,
frozen like the hands in photographs
I drift in and out of causality,
a scream suffocated by distress.

I’ve eaten the fruit
of every tree within earshot,
even the necrosis.
Money reviles everything,
it is the salt in my bloodied mouth,
the lie behind the cosmetic and sectarian.
All that’s left is sleep
though she is too particular to achieve.

I am a terrible student
sparse of yearning
and utterly indignant.
Homework, tests, euphemistic propaganda,
if I stay I might never get out.
I’ve tasted the brine of my lineage,
the cold thuggish tears which roll in
without invitation.
The sweat of an Irish mother,
of a brutish father both unmentioned.
I too am unmentionable,
the nothing into which somethings are passed.
I am in love, I am riddled and wild
there is nothing anonymous about me.
I am seldom seen behind a panel of silk.

I have no inclination to confess
however, vast or grievous my sins.
I am only one person, heavily peopled.
The light does nothing to arrest my sorrows,
each month is shorter than the next
and I am afraid that I might die
without impregnating a single silence.

With my one good eye and my frown freshly pinned
I could be the contents of a whole library.
Where’s a good book when you need one?
Where’s the lacquered box with reels
of uncooked fish and mounds of sticky rice?
If I could fill myself
I’d be sure to leave room enough for air.
If I could create as a mother tends her womb,
giving the best of herself,
dying just a little in the process
I might be worth mention.
I no longer write, I bite off bits
of my sorry, incredulous soul
and feed them, half-chewed,
to strangers with equally garish scars.

I am having a lot of trouble transferring my data from one computer to the next. Why must I use Windows?! Also my spellcheck is missing, Windows is having trouble understanding my bilingual settings.


19 responses to “Wordle #104

  1. So I guess if I’m reading all of this – this gorgeous and very wrenching piece that snags you in right from the start and doesn’t drop you until the very end – that is the general summation of all that has been happening, more or less, poetically versed, in your absences.

    And how powerfully and well constructed the use of the wordle incorporated in such striking phrases.

    And so with an ending …. thinking of you and all that is going on – and well, patience with the new computer, eh? It’s always frustrating to start from scratch when you have to transfer and make certain adjustments …. really quite the bother, but hang in there, it’ll be worth it in the end. And you too – hang in there Yves.

    • It is certain to have snuck in, my emotions always do haha

      Thank you so much Pat

      this computer does work a lot better but the language issue is still causing issues, I need spellcheck to help soften my Dyslexia haha

      • well we write from all kinds of mindsets …. it’s normal there could be “infiltration” ….

        Well spell check can be so useful in the best/worst of times …. so here’s hoping it all gets straightened out without driving you batty …. and it’s good to see you around more 🙂

  2. “frozen like the hands in photographs”

    “…I am afraid that I might die
    without impregnating a single silence”

    “I no longer write, I bite off bits
    of my sorry, incredulous soul
    and feed them, half-chewed,
    to strangers with equally garish scars”

    Just a few of the lines I like…
    I don’t use windows – I use Google Docs. I’ve notice an odd thing this month that came with (I’m guessing the latest update -) that the beginning of a sentence is automatically capitalized. That is annoying. But at least my spell check is working. Though my spell check and WP doesn’t always agree.

    It is not the machine’s fault. Blame the programmers. 🙂

    My hubby had to get a new computer for work, and has to carry around two lap tops until and if every thing can be transferred to the new one. Not everything wants to work with the old and or new systems. Very annoying indeed.

  3. Such a powerful write, I loved the raw intro of the first stanza and I especially loved this part:”I am only one person, heavily peopled.”
    Hope the PC issues are miniscule, Windows can be a pain at the beginning (and later on, honestly, I just pray nothing gets broken!)

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