Brooke Shaden

What goes up often

starts at the bottom,

having lost so much

I am without weight

but not without method.

Forgive me for coping,

my choices reflect

the state of my undoing.

I am sick and you have

always known this to be so,

so why the surprise?

The only lies I have told

are those you invented.

I am not free,

freedom is not the same

as carelessness.

My mind pursues

I know not what

but I think perhaps

this cloud shall be

the death of me.

This netherworld

which crowds out

all my sweet nothings

is the source of my dissatisfactions

both real and imagined.

Why must everything be explained?

Why must I have a name at all?

Peel off these godforsaken labels

if you’ve the courage

to hunt what haunts inside.

The ground claws

at my palms and knees.

I have spent so much time

wading through miracles

and grievances that I have forgotten

just how ordinary most days are.

I never thought I was special,

my deviations notwithstanding.

I never thought about anything truly,

my feelings are too raw

to elicit such reflection.

I have been living all this time

on the verge of death.


17 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #104

  1. This speaks to me:
    “Peel off these godforsaken labels
    if you’ve the courage
    to hunt what haunts inside.”
    But then what do I go by? I can’t be nameless, existing only as air, unless I don’t speak? That’s it, isn’t it … I can only truly discard the use of names by being silent.

    1. There’s a game Planescape Torment and in it you are an immortal amnesiac. The game explores the danger of names how they can be used against you, make you vulnerable etc. There is an old horror movie that says f you say the true name of God backwards you’ll unmake the world. I have always been fascinated with the power of names and also with our desire to define and categorize ourselves and others. We are so much more than a name, than a label, than a particular role. At present people are very into labels trying to customize their uniqueness. Lately I have been feeling extra vulnerable exposed, I have been yearning for a bit of anonymity

  2. ‘Wading through miracles’ struck me as such an amazing concept as if they happen with gay abandon and they might if we took enough notice. Great take on this image Yves, loved where you took me.

  3. Ah .. these words are an echo of life … splendid write Yves … hurtingly heartfelt they speak to me in a way I’d have liked to have forgotten, but never really have.

  4. An outstanding weave of emotions, very difficult to quote any line. Everything is at its perfect place. I LOVE it.
    Btw, did I tell you that I’m in love with your new writing style?

      1. I think yes. There has been few changes in your writing in a way that it makes more people to connect. Which I’m in love with. I know experiences, they are a must to help us grow.

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