Wordle #101

Week 101

She spurs nyctophilia
in the erogenous chasms
of her glaring tattoos.
She adjusts her nylons,
repairs the run in her heart
with blood siphoned
from my left wrist.
Her eyes lurk on
the incision, my structure
spills onto the tiles,
cadaver white with hints of bruise.

Love terrorizes as often
as it restores.
I am only a novitiate
what could I possibly know?
This eristic death may well be
my only life and she may well be
my only chance for intimacy.

Not related to the above fictional poem
I apologize for my absences and my inability to keep up with my blog reading. There is a lot going on in my life and without going into details I will sum it up.

The new course has resulted in less time and increased anxiety.
Husband is severely Depressed
Child is sick.
Child is experiencing trauma as a result of bullying/stalking and because of the boy’s ADHD the school is not taking any of the usual intervention or disciplinary measures. She tells me with tears what he’s done/said and than says but he has ADHD, apparently every time he does something it is explained away with his diagnosis and nothing is done (even when he hits). The result? She doesn’t feel safe at school, she is anxious, fearful, and very moody.

14 responses to “Wordle #101

  1. Very sorry to hear of your stresses, but your blogging friends will still be around when you have more time to post….

  2. May better resolutions be found for your issues.
    I remember having to advocate for my children during illness and other issues and it is not fun being the parent that teachers would rather not listen too. My school had a booklet called the Parents Bill of Rights which clearly stated what and how parents could expect issues to be resolved. And it helped me.

    Come around when you are able we will be here…

  3. I am so sorry to hear Isa is going through this situation. What bothers me the most is that I do not have anything o recommend, because I do not know if it will bring any good. I was experiencing a similar situation in 3rd grade elementary school and the school board did nothing (they told my father the boy beating me and following me to home was his way of making friends…). I hope you manage to convince her not to feel unprotected and that she knows she can trust you to protect her. I really hope things resolve and better up very fast for you and your family.

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