We want most what we already have,

it’s the addiction within the addiction,

the enigma draped in ostrich feathers.

Denial through rigorous premeditation,

if I subtract my faults, I in turn am less.

From one grave to the next,

we shamble hungry and inchoate.

It’s Sisyphus all over again,

the need for redundancies,

the need to need.

All the better to hypnotize you with my friend.

A litany of deceptions, an erosion of hearts

harder and more brittle than the bones that contain them.

Want more, feel less.

Need more, think less.

Your success is a testament to my failure.

Perhaps we should do away with the game altogether

or we could both participate bereft of desire.

The lack of competition has made winning

more important than ever

only now the lessons are lost.

Take away everything but my failures

lest I become more incompetent than I already am.

We don’t want fair, we want the balance in our favor,

to be the exception in exceptional.

Take my life at your own risk,

become me, endure with me

the long, effervescent winter.


7 thoughts on “Need to Need

  1. I love how yoy incorporate the profound concept of human needs. I love and enjoy creative writing and was wondering if you could check out my blog? I am a newomer and i am open to construtive criticism…

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