Wordle #240


I augment each threat with a kiss
enough to part the ubiquitous mist
of your reproachful silence.
The constellations are dead,
groups of caterwauling ghosts
jumping from one dream to the next.

We used to be romantic
in those days when desire
surpassed necessity,
in those days when running
was still a legitimate means of exile.
Nowadays I balk at your woolen head
feeling my skin between your teeth,
feeling that it is my morality
that has reached a crossroads.

The bells sound with a finality
that escalates even death
and I realize that you’re still
holding onto the notion
of forgiveness as a panacea
but we’re beyond that now.
The touch of our hands is foreign
like two birds mid migration.
The scarlet of your libidinous drive,
the scathing parallels and an island
that is itself curiously close to drowning.


12 responses to “Wordle #240

    • I create them myself =) I jot down words while reading, look at scrabble type word finders, check the word of the day at dictionary.com. I sometimes even raid British slang dictionaries or the Planescape Torment dictionary to give you guys a range of words to play with. I love words. I have a huge list of words I have saved that I have already used haha

  1. Caterwauling souls…. oh my! The dead constellations was good. But self destructing relationship even better subject matter. Very nicely done!

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