My lips cradle your forgotten reliquaries.
I am dissatisfied with my meager existence,
with the unquenchable depths that are my fears.
So senseless, these stories with their grievous outcomes.
My senses are addictions, they shovel in horror after horror,
at least my brain is given to such ornery interpretations.
I hate my brain, how weak and sickly a thing, a brain.
I am polluted, sacred still, but markedly polluted
and I think that I should suffocate
if not for the occasional bout of laughter.

What reason have I to laugh
what reason could I possibly need?
I don’t like people in a collective sense.
We are an insatiable wake, always seeking
a definition that excuses our personal excesses
and prohibits the prosperity of others.
We envy everything, even the deficits,
even the illnesses of others because those scars
could be used to claim some benefit
for which we are not eligible given our fortune.

We are cruel to one another because in others
we assign our motives and in others we see
that which we find lacking in ourselves.
Beneath our frightful costumes
there is a child hurting,
an innocence indelible
and if we could only forgive
we’d see that we too are substantial.


11 thoughts on “Music Prompt #31: “I Can’t Escape Myself” by The Sound

  1. This is a powerful and intensely personal read, inspired by a great piece of music. I thought that I was the only personwho listened to The Sound these days! No doubt you are familiar with all of their work. For me favourites are ‘From the Lion’s Mouth’ and ‘Heads and Hearts’. I also love ‘Cinematic’ and. ‘Lasr Days of the Rain Machine’ two of Adrian’s solo pieces. Good listening.

  2. Powerful write Yves.

    And the last paragraph – it speaks of Universal Truth – touching the essence of the “source of all realities” ….

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