Wordle Bonus Good vs Evil “February 15, 2016”


Your halcyon smile hallows
my inveterate sympathies.
An ally in altruistic endeavor,
you drag me to the surface,
my tragedies and contagions,
my triumphs and catholicons.

Absolution softens the scars
and contours of my heart.
I just want to be good
to feel the light addressing my divinity,
to feel purity unlacing my vestiges.

If ethereal, than I am grounded
by the cradle of your arms.
If embedded, than I am thrown
palms up into the naked air.
Knowing you is what makes me human.

Anathema, monster, bile-spiller
I will not render myself possessed
by the adversarial gleam
in your wide, soul-splitting eyes.
I will not ravage with
grimace or malignancy.
I will not become you,
however, relentless this torture.

My heart grows dark, almost tepid,
like a puddle left to weather.
Within that ominous stillness
I gather my resolve, my genius
and press my sins to paper that I
may change in myself what I cannot,
as of yet, forgive in you.

Encase you wondered I have been sick but I am on the mend. I am feeling iffy about my writing today though yikes.


11 responses to “Wordle Bonus Good vs Evil “February 15, 2016”

  1. I’m glad you are starting to heal. There is a lot of good here. When I feel iffy I leave it a few days then come back and start chopping at it. That’s usually where I find the gem.

    What I love most here is that you are discussing good and evil. It is timeless but some people are afraid to approach it anymore in any measure

  2. I do hope you are on the mend. Being ill and half present makes us often seem like we are not 100%.

    But I do think you did just fine with your verse. It comes from that doubting place of not knowing which way is up when there is too much fog on the brain. I took the medical definition of catholicons …another new word for me. Though the alternate meaning :Catholicon, the conventual church at the centre of an abbey – could also refer to the center of one’s soul.

      • Our weather has warmed up… so my nose is sure to run. It was 1 F yesterday morning and now it is around 50 F. The snow is melting.

        I did a big sneeze while holding Little Miss and she thought I should say; “Excuse me.” Since we are trying to teach her to say that when her body ‘burps’. 🙂

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