Week 96

I hijack the cherries from
your meandering tongue.
Tendrils bound and subjugated,
it hurts to be chosen, to be beaten
within the perimeters laid.
I’ve come a long way
from necessity only.

We are rarely arborescent,
the slouch of doubt,
my turgescent member
familiar within the context
of your gradations.
A deception worn, torn,
and inundated with violence.
Are you generous enough?
Will you spare in the face
of your self-reliant poverty?

I can’t visualize a world
more buoyant, we flail,
advancing slowly,
sometimes not at all.
The stars coalesce behind
our tethered lips.
I wear your flesh,
eight inches deep
and struggling for breath.

I stack my imperfect days
vertically, a prison in which
we are both contained.
Your guilt is the only
portrait I have of you.
The resin of your gloom
suspends me indefinitely.
How can I tolerate
what I can’t understand?

I am struggling with time management right now! Also I am listening to David Usher Little Songs which may have influenced this and yesterday’s poem. Today I have my job training interview and my doctor’s appointment so I may not manage anything for Tuesday.


9 thoughts on “Wordle #96

  1. This is a really incredibly well written poem – using the wordle – and there are so many layers – at least in my multiple readings here – that leave me rather “caught” – breathless – as I’m thinking of potentials here – as the images are flashing through my mind.

    Good luck with all you have on and I hope it all went well. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of one of my first boyfriends, – a tad demanding and demeaning too. But we find strength from unknown sources and are able to move forward. Even when we think we are standing still.

    Good luck on all that you are involved in.

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