Writing Prompt #144 “Collage 16″

Collage 16

Fissures wider than the smile
harnessed to disguise them.
The day we met I was
too fucked up to breathe
and that’s how I am
most of the time,
pretty as you please
but riddled with insecurity.

Coquettish confections
subdue the bitterness,
the experiences both
ruined and missed.
Pearls dipped in perfume,
a kindling of lingerie
preserving my nakedness
and if I were holy
you would be forever blessed.
“everything was beautiful
and nothing hurt.”

The perfect day,
the cool impostor
My journals piled and peeled
by the ravages of intimacy.
I have given you my secrets
even those I thought would endure.
A heart like crepe paper
kisses infectious, delivered
with the knowledge
that enough is rationed
to make way for what
really matters.

I promise to love you
long after the flowers
have soured, in the dark
of all these trivial conclusions.
Life is always harder
when the ego’s inflamed.
I promise to change
a fraction too late,
to be human only,
to make mistakes
that can’t be reconciled.

I promise to laugh
the loudest when
you’ve fallen into your ways.
I promise to wear my veil
to bed and nothing else
like everyone else does
no matter how honest
they are on the inside.
All I want is your nothings,
the casual is of your fitful desire.

Ran out of time!