Week 94

A histrionic swarm bides;

the lock on my window, a downfall

wind-blow and tenebrous.

The iron in my blood

adapts to the toxicity

of your ever-swelling domain.

Humid kisses and miracles abound,

a love that faints and nibbles.

What more could you take from me?

A short one but I believe I got them all!


7 thoughts on “Wordle #94

  1. short and er …. sweet? 😉

    well actually, I think you did a fine job of nailing a sense of relationship – and imbalance – but necessity and need – co-dependency indeed – right on. What more to say? well done!

    1. Thank you! I am going through a bit of a rough patch with writing, I fell off the wagon so to speak lol I had been writing everyday you know and then I stopped for a while and I’ve got to get myself back into the groove again.

      1. sometimes we need the break just because we do …. and yes … it can be daunting to start up again …. but remember …. we aren’t necessarily “one” type of versed people …. so short and sweet is more than good too 🙂

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