Update 2

Some good news from the eye doctor!

I learned the Swedish system is not comparable to the American system so my figures were wrong. My husband didn’t know either so my vision is not as bad as we thought, thankfully. It is as bad as I thought when I am suffering eye exhaustion. In the midst of that I really can’t read the E on the chart. So I still have to rest my eyes and take care not to read for long periods of time and to make sure I have good lighting and wear my glasses. My vision in my left eye is getting worse and probably will continue to do so. My right eye on the other hand is doing well I am pleased to announce.

I am not near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other as I thought. I am far-sighted in one eye and really really far-sighted in the other. My left eye has astigmatism and is also lazy. She tested both eyes individually and then tested them together and from the looks of it my right eye is just taking over.

Anyhow with glasses I still can’t fix all the issues with the left eye but I will be getting a new stronger prescription which should help! I hope so, the glasses I have now are the best pair I have ever owned. In the past I have ended up with headaches and double vision and such from bad glasses. So I really hope this new pair is like the old pair but stronger. I want to look into treatments for adults with lazy eye. I have never been offered treatment for it (as an adult, I had surgery as a child) but I am sure something must exist. Basically my eyes do not work together and so my good eye just suppresses the weaker one, I can’t even wink with the good eye. I am not sure the degree of suppression but it sounds like my right eye is very dominant. I can’t see 3D movies and in my case driving isn’t possible because I am bad at determining distances. I mean really bad, sometimes I literally pour water beside the glass. Sometime more dangerously, I attempt to jump from a height that is really unsafe.

I thought my husband and daughter had perfect vision. They often show me stuff I can’t read and sometimes stuff I need a high-powered magnifying glass to even see (I am not joking). My husband can’t just read every line on an eye chart, he can read the copyright text and he can read it well over twenty feet away. He can literally see things that a person with 20/20 can’t see without a magnifying glass (it’s not just me)!!! Wth have I been comparing myself to these people? It really hadn’t sunk in how vampire-fantastic their vision was until today, they are way above average. Btw they also have super-powered hearing (all I got was fangs and super pale skin). Anyhow sorry for worrying you guys! While my left eye isn’t working as it should, my right eye is working, its just fatigued.