Wordle #93

Week 93
I watch you drag swans through a jagged fire,
smoky wraiths of fully-fledged nimbus
slithering past your irreverent lips.

Beauty genuflects when faced with desire.
A loculus sheltering idols, all false,
all equally impervious to my humiliation.
Prayers only hinder when applied without effort.

You arrange your genitals, the top drawer,
the books by the night stand, my heart so it suits you.
I fit you like a knife, like the pleats of a sacrosanct expression.

Good, is what kills you.

10 thoughts on “Wordle #93

  1. Once again (I know I sound like a broken record), your opening lines are the BEST.

    “I watch you drag swans through a jagged fire” … I just love that!

    The last four lines are crazy good.

  2. 😀

    you’ve weaved wonders with these words – definitely imparting a sense of “sanctity” …. perhaps this is an odd thing to say? *shrugging* … but there is an “unholy holiness” to this piece – simply brilliant Yves 🙂

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