Week 91

Even your entropy is rigid,

the lymph gurgling behind

your prostrated smile,

the admonishing aftertaste

of your subcutaneous adhesions.

Skinflint, star-caster, striptease

my thighs pulsate beneath

your extraneous gravity and what a let down,

what a climax, what a keepsake it all is.

The tobacco churning behind your lip,

turmeric-spiced silt sticking in your nail beds,

the subtle admonishment of your filaments

breaking me like a riding saddle.

How vile, how terrible, how irrefutable you are.

Must you control everything?

Must you crush the throats that sing?

Must I, the shameless, the purse-string, the mule-headed thief

love you, contend with you, worship the soles

of your endless retreats?

managed to barely get one in


15 thoughts on “Wordle #91

  1. Hmmm …. you say you managed to barely get one in – but what a whopper!

    Both stanzas – they are so evocative, powerful – such force – a conversation unfolding in each – the questions, the accusations, the wondering, change afoot? perhaps? choices, decisions, consequences …. all so carefully and cleverly written – using the wordle – which is incredible, because as a whole, those words – difficult to grasp into some semblance of cohesion.

    And you have hit the nail – one last blow – right on Yves – you are the only person I know that can take such ideas – and in this case – such “odd” words and combine them in a language that is so unique –

    Skinflint, star-caster, striptease

    I mean “the argument” the “battle for power and will” is so evident – and in my opinion, humble as it is – this is by far one of the most tangible and “understandable” poems you’ve written in some time; the imagery is powerful and concise – no vagueness here leaving one left to wonder exactly what you are saying – and in my books, this is one smashing “on form” piece Yves 🙂

    1. Awww thank you Pat what a tremendous compliment! I will have to refer to this one periodically whenever I need to write something more tangible/concrete. I haven’t the firmest grip on reality and since I know what I mean well it gets confusing lol

      1. LOL …. no … I completely understand … we can get carried away with and in the words and phrases as we see them …. thinking they make our “sense” clear … but sometimes, it’s hardly the case …. although I think you handle metaphor and allusions far better than I – I tend to me a bit [ 😉 ] more “blunt” …

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