I don’t hold many threads in the bid for sanity.

The rejections pile in and though they are not cruel

they have become common, at times unshakable.

I could write of other things. I could write more directly.

I could coat my skin in lard that the tears would cease to leek through

but in the end I cannot recant my love of the whip.

Happy Holidays everyone =) Sorry no holiday themed poems from me! Right now I have an obsessive need to organize but I have organized my house and there is nothing, even my storage closet it tidy.


15 thoughts on “For The Love Of The Whip

  1. well …. I suppose it may be of little consolation – the sting of the whip – but I have to say this much: I applaud your courage and faith to continue to honour your truth in the words you fashion, just as they are – I commend your dedication and willingness to “send your work out” – knowing full well that “rejection” is a possibility – and I am in awe that you have accomplished so much regardless – published book?


    not many are strong enough to take the chances – even if in desperate longing – but you have – you did – you will – and I suspect you will continue to do so – and so, more power to you Yves. Because I think that for every “rejection” letter there must be at least 2 or 3 alternatives – they just haven’t been “found” yet …. and so, I will continue to cheer from way over here – and look to you and your works as inspiration – even if you don’t feel particularly accomplished or on you game, best foot forward etc., because we all feel and have those moments …. and maybe some day I just might sit myself down and consider “doing the work [ whatever that means and whatever content it may yield] ” without fear of rejection.


    1. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me. I will gather myself up again. I submitted to quite a lot of places and have a lot to consider. I have never been good at picking poems to submit. Occasionally magazines query my blog and I think there are poems that a certain magazine would be interested in but I am not good at figuring out what fits. I just don’t have experience I suppose.

      1. Who has experience? Really?

        It’s trial and trial again; notice – no error stated – because what’s the point of considering it wrong? It’s just not conducive to being creative.

        As for when magazines query your blog – well it would seem that the best place to start is to then check into their publications – because usually – it’s all laid out – if not in actual detail about the type of content/subject matter – then simply by reading the issue and seeing what’s what – and if possible – back issues too; whatever has come before usually is a really good indicator of “thematic” ideas that are of whatever it is they are looking for.

        Generally, in order to increase the chances of publication – you have to know the audience – and that means you know the “target” – knowing the magazine and what their demographics are – before considering randomly picking; and of course, I have noted one thing in my limited travels – often, as the artists or creators – the pieces we think are the best or should be showcased aren’t what is in demand necessarily;

        and on a final note, if it’s any help – part of the process regarding submissions – whether it’s art work, fiction or poetry – means you have people in your stable – who can be trusted – who are willing to work with you – offering you the critiquing end of things – who are honest and able to help you, as the artist – you know, really digging in – which means feedback – verbally written whatever – more than just the “wow- amazing – you’re so brilliant” – which is supportive and lovely to hear – yes – it’s encouraging – but if you don’t have someone who is willing to “bite off more than that” – and you have to be the one willing and ready for it – then it makes it harder to sit back and objectively look at your body of work.

        At any rate Yves – you are an artist – accomplished in your own way and right – and I’m sure you will continue to find ways of getting it done – your goals and dreams …. as I said before – and maybe it’s naive of me – I’d like to think that for every one rejection letter – there are at least 2 other “yes!” out there – somewhere.

      2. All great tips Pat. I have done the research part at least to an extent (I can’t say I have been exhaustive) trying to locate magazines that publish “amateur” writers/read what is sent to them and second publish poetry which I feel has the right sort of vibe. Like I might see something like looking for dark and abstract and think oooh may be that would fit. Now either I simply do not understand my own writing or I am just not picking my best work from an external perspective. The other problem is, most of the magazines I see that claim to publish poetry are in reality publishing prose. I submit poetry and perhaps I should submit prose, but poetry is my preference. Would you mind evaluating work for future submissions?

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